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  • Victoria Roberts - Perfect Hero

    Enter to win a Print copy of Temptation in a Kilt! *** What makes Laird Ciaran MacGregor the perfect hero? by Victoria Roberts First, I’d like to thank everyone at Night Owl Book Reviews for having me. I’m very excited to be here with you...

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  • Kristine Grayson - Bluebeard

    Enter to win a Print Copy of Charming Blue! *** Five Redeeming Things About Bluebeard by Kristine Grayson / NOR Author Page Ah, poor Bluebeard. He is so misunderstood. At least that’s what Cantankerous Belle [aka Tank], Tinker Bell’s grumpy...

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  • Presents Type Books

    Enter to win a NOR Prize package. *** Sharing My Love of Harlequin Presents Type Books by Tammie King I love Harlequin Presents books and I'm always looking for authors who write those types of books, but are publishing themselves. I just can't...

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  • Tracy Cooper-Posey - Red-Headed Men

    Enter to win an ebook from Tracy Cooper-Posey! *** Red-Headed Men … Sigh by Tracy Cooper-Posey What is it about red-headed men? There’s a quality that draws you to them and I’m still trying to figure it out. I love dark, mysterious...

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  • Expand into Spanish

    I'm always looking for ways that authors can expand their readership, impact more readers and get services that are needed to make books better. Recently I came in contact with a professional translator (English/Spanish) and wanted to share her service...

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