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  • Interview: Tamazon Interviews Susan Fox

    Hi Susan, Thanks for coming and chatting with us. We are excited to get started and find out about you. I hear you are a Canadian living just over the northern border of Washington State. We’ve bumped into each other a few times at the Emerald City Writers...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Dana Marton

    1) Cole Hunter, the hero of your newest novel Silent Threat, is facing some serious issues -- the loss of his best friend and a major injury. Can you tell us a little about where his head is at when the novel begins? As a Navy SEAL, Cole's entire identity...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Joe Cosentino

    Hi Joe, Thanks for stopping over today to chat about the making of an audio book edition of "Porcelain Doll". I hear that Derick Snow is your narrator. What 5 words describe "Porcelain Doll"? Entertaining, captivating, surprising, addictive, and wonderful...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Tenaya Jayne

    Hi Tenaya! Thanks for joining us and our readers. Please tell us all about your book "Fallen". Who doesn't love a bad boy? Erin, that's who. She's never met the famous Maddox, but she might be the only girl in Regia not in line for his attention. His...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Liz Maverick

    Hi Liz! Great to have you here at Night Owl Romance. We are excited to spend some time with you. Your new series is about the Hudson Kings -- tell us a bit about this group. Who are they? What do they do? The Hudson Kings series is about a group of ridiculously...