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  • Review: Cooper's Charm Love at the Resort, #1 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    "Cooper’s Charm" was an easy read that I enjoyed. It started out slow but eventually picked up. You get point of views from Cooper, Phoenix, her sister, Ridley and Baxter. Each dealing with their own stuff and heartache. Each undergoing a healing of sorts...

  • Review: Unguarded Love: Nita & Daniel Black Swan Book 4 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    KaLyn Cooper once again brings on the action and the adventure of a fabulous group of ladies. Nita Banks is one complex heroine. Having met her in the previous stories in this series I couldn’t wait to find out exactly what made her tick. After all I...

  • Review: Badlands { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    “Badlands” by Morgan Brice features Sebastian Simon Kincaide (Simon), whose psychic talent and background in folklore stands him in good stead when his town is plagued by a serial killer. Lieutenant Vic D’Amato has relocated and started over, never expecting...

  • Review: Rocky Mountain Valor Rocky Mountain Justice { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    “Rocky Mountain Valor” will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next for Petra Sloane. Petra needs help because of a situation that she has been drawn into. She feels she doesn't have anyone else to turn to. So, she ends up turning to Ian...

  • Review: Watched from a Distance Love Under Fire, #3 { decimal dScore; if (decimal.TryParse(Result.Get("Score"), out dScore)) {
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    Pick up “Watched from a Distance” if you’re looking for an intense, romantic suspense thriller. This is the third book in the Love Under Fire series and it will give you that and more. This story features U.S. Marshall Dane Ryan. He is now a member of...

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Black Dog: A Christmas Story by Victoria Danann


Danann adds a tale of trial and triumph that proves two things once again. Black Swan heart can be expressed in four legged form. And there's no place lik...

For the Duke's Eyes Only by Lenora Bell

If adventure has a name…it must be Lady India Rochester. The intrepid archaeologist possesses a sharp blade and an even sharper knack for uncovering history’s forgotten women. Unfo...

Roadside Assistance by Marie Harte

Underneath the axle grease and tats

He's a gentleman

Foley Sanders figured he'll always be content with a life of cars and casual hookups. Until a run-in with Cyn, a statuesque f...