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    Hello - I wanted to inform you of the tragic news that I just received. Lizzy Benway was a great lover of romance books and a great asset for anyone interested in romance books and information has passed away. Her friend sent me the e-mail below. Lizzy...

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    Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you are up to. My pleasure. To start out can you tell us a little about yourself? I have lived in Okinawa, Guam, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida.I was an Air Force brat, so we traveled a lot when I was...

  • Interview: Tamazon (Moderator) Interviews J.R. Ward

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you are up to. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what you are up to. To be honest, I'm not really that interesting! J I'm first and foremost a writer which means that the stories in my head and the...

  • Review: The Stone Prince

    This was a great time fantasy romance book. An earth woman buys a house and is in the middle of renovating it when a gorgeous male statue comes to life. All it takes for the statue to come to life is a kiss. There is magic, brawn, and depth to Gena's...

  • Article: Desert Hero Romance

    Sign-up for Contests & Special Event Notifications Many years ago I started reading the Harlequin Presents line of books. I got hooked on the  Sheikh and Greek storylines. They also inspired me to travel the world. Over the years I've read many...

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Grady Judd by Ciana Stone

If there was such a thing as an urban legend in Cotton Creek it was Grady Judd. He'd broken the heart of every woman he'd ever kissed and he'd kissed a plenty. Many tried to rope him, tie him down and drag him to the altar, but Grady wasn't the marrying kind. In fact, no one was quite sure what kind of man Grady was. He showed up now and again, tended to his ranch and then would disappear just as fast and never utter a word as to where he'd been when he came home again.

He was a sexy temptation, rolled up in a fine male package, and was all too willing to deliver a night of pleasure. He was also completely unwilling to let anyone inside his impenetrable wall. It was all fun and games or nothing at all.

Until he showed back up in Cotton Creek this time to discover that he's not the only heartbreaker in town, which leads to a whole new game and an entirely new question. Could Grady Judd finally have met his match?

Highlander Entangled by Vonda Sinclair

Lady Kristina MacQueen suffered devastating injuries at the hands of a ruthless Highland chief, Blackburn MacCromar. Two years later, he kidnaps her for a journey across the chilly, windblown Scottish Highlands to flush out her sister, Anna—the woman Blackburn forced to wed him. Red Holme, Blackburn's second-in-command, is equally brutal and determined to possess Kristina.

A Highland warrior and future chief, Colin Cameron has no intention of becoming entangled in the whims of another highborn lady. However, upon witnessing Lady Kristina being held hostage by the enemy, a knife to her throat, he resolves to rescue her and bring her to safety. When Red Holme sees Colin Cameron, he recognizes his enemy from a decade earlier and craves revenge even more than he lusts for the lady. But he is determined to have both.

Colin is the most charismatic and heroic man Kristina has ever met, and he awakens her woman's instincts. He might be her only chance to experience a brief moment of passion. Even so, she holds no illusions about marriage, for no worthy man will find her blindness and scars appealing, or see them as beneficial traits in a wife. But she can't see how he looks at her. Though Colin has sworn to never fall in love again, he cannot defend his heart against the strong, spirited and lovely lass who is like none other he has ever met.

From Geek to Greek Billionaire by Gloria Silk

Was he ready to love? Did he deserve her second chance?

Olivia Moore has landed her dream job—to renovate a very special beach house for her best friend, Maria. The last thing Olivia needs is to bump into her teen crush, the geeky yet sexy Alexander Anderson. The young man she fell deeply in love with is now her best friend’s brother-in-law.

When the shy, enigmatic bachelor asks for Olivia’s help with a special makeover and an infusion of confidence to woo a particular woman (unaware that she’s the one he’s after) she wants nothing to do with him. After all despite her generous nature to help everyone, she cannot risk getting closer to him. What if she falls in love with him again and then if he discovers her secret past, which she is still coming to terms with, it may tear them apart forever?

This bestselling story is an expanded and enhanced 40,000 word novelette which was first published as part of the amazing Billionaires on the Beach Anthology which raised 100% of the proceeds for breast cancer in summer of 2017.