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Changing the Game by Ember Leigh

Lex is no longer a halfcocked hellion.

But the darkness is still inside him. He’s always known Lila was the one for him, but when that darkness led him down back alleys to drugs, dosing, and illegal fights, she did the only sane thing: walked out. Five years later, fate brings Lila back into his life. Lex is ready to prove he’s not the same guy—he’s clean, sober, successful. The darkness is little more than a memory. He thinks.

Lila just wants to play it safe.

Years after her tumultuous ex, Lila should want vanilla, but her heart craves the intensity Lexington Olivo brings. There’s never been anyone who can light her up like he does. When Lex wants a second chance, she can’t say no. But she can’t say yes, either.

Secrets from their past could ruin everything.

Because if Lila lets Lex in, it’s not just her at risk. Lex can’t be trusted until she’s sure he’s a changed man. One who’s far away from the underground.

While he’s busy proving himself, Lex’s past comes pounding on his door. The gang he used to fight for wants him back. And this time, they won’t take no for an answer.