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Nia, Be Mine by Diana Layne

A hot Italian men's team soccer star plus a top-rated USA women's team soccer player is a goal waiting to happen. Or is it?

Love at first sight.

When Italian soccer star Alessandro Crocetti is struck by the fabled Italian "thunderbolt" and realizes American soccer star Nia Nelson is the woman for him, can he convince her he's changed his Casanova ways and long-term is for real?

A dream come true.

Good girl to a fault, the only girl in a family of six children, and an up-and-coming soccer star in her own right,  Nia finds herself living out her wildest fantasy with her soccer idol, but can fantasy become reality when Sandro says, 'Nia, Be Mine'?

The Visconti Devils by Ria Dimitra


Maggie Pacelli didn't believe in love at first sight. She was about to lose all belief in true love. But that all changed when she met Michael LeClaire, the new curator at the Beinecke Library at Yale. Michael is fascinated with the new tarot deck that Maggie is painting--and he also seems to be fascinated with Maggie. Maggie can't believe how perfect he is for her--or how hard she's falling for him.


When Michael shows Maggie the rare 15th century Visconti tarot cards in the Beinecke's archives and reveals to her that The Devil is missing from every one of the surviving decks, Maggie is intrigued. The Devil is the one card she can't decide how to paint. Maggie feels certain that the answer to the riddle lies in Milan.

Unable to dissuade her, Michael accompanies Maggie to Italy on her quest to discover the truth about the missing Visconti Devils. Their search takes them to the Brera, where they meet Luca Arcangeli, a wealthy art collector who may hold the key.

But in Milan at the height of Carnevale, nothing and no one are what they seem--and Maggie will soon find herself at the center of a struggle between the forces of light and darkness that will challenge her beliefs and force her to choose the fate of her soul.