What A Tiger Wants

Tiger Shifters, #8

In this eighth book in the Tiger Shifters series Dmitry Chernikov finally gets his mate, Jane Emmerson, after pining for her for years. Jane is a human and she has an eighteen year old autistic son. She's been burned in the love game too many times. Jane also believes Dmitry is too young for her...but her son sets her straight in a very numerology manner. Ben, Jane's son, loves numbers and video games. He also knows that Dmitry and his mom need to get married. Ben says some zingers that had me laughing and putting hope and ideas in Dmitry's head. But Jane is going to be a tough nut to crack. She's not seeking a relationship and has made it clear she's not looking to make a future with any man.

This paranormal romance is set in the New England area and is heavy on the contemporary setting. Paranormal elements play into the overall storyline with both tiger shifters and wolf shifters. Those who have been reading this series will love the connections to people in other books. Still this book does stand alone. If this is your first book you'll be looking for more and wanting to know all the characters and the kids that have come from past Tiger Shifter love stories.

I enjoyed this romance story and getting to know Dmitry and Jane. With persistence and love these two come together in love and passion.

Book Blurb for What A Tiger Wants

An attraction too hot to resist, too dangerous to indulge…

Tiger shifter Dmitry Chernikov fell in the love with his brother’s head waitress the moment he saw her. Jane Emmerson is sexy, smart, stubborn…and absolutely perfect for him. Unfortunately, Jane makes it clear she’s done with men. All men. For six years, Dom has fought his feelings for the beautiful human woman, and for six years he’s managed to keep the peace between them. But when a family reunion brings him back to Eirene, Colorado—to Jane—six years of resistance crumble. Now he has to overcome her determination and convince her they’re meant for each other.

Jane Emmerson has very bad taste in men. If she’s attracted to a man, it’s a sure sign he’s bad news. When she moves back to Eirene after yet another disastrous relationship, she promises herself she’s done with romance for good. Then she meets Dom Chernikov. The deliciously sexy Dom tests her determination to remain single. Unfortunately, the very fact that she wants him means there must be something wrong with him. She can’t risk her heart again, not after working so hard to build a life for herself and her son. She doesn’t need a man. But oh, does she want this one.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00