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Traci L. Slatton brings to life the life of Luca Bastard, Luca the Bastard. From since he can remember Luca has lived on the streets of Florence. Every bit of clothing he had came from the garbage, food was stolen and coveted, friends were not to be trusted. He was a beautiful child, but also an abnormal one. Soon he is sold to a brothel by his so-called friend and so begins the rest of his long life. For years he services the male patrons of the brothel, but escapes the pain and humiliation by focusing on the world outside his prison. He travels in his mind to beautiful places to glimpse frescos. During this whole time he is also beaten by the owner and threatened with death if he ever tries to leave. Soon he is given special privileges to venture around town and he meets the artist Giotto di Bondone. They develop a wonderful rapport and Luca learns more about the world and how he can change his destiny. Something is happening to Luca that is quite odd. He is aging a lot more slowly than the other children. By the age of 30 he looks to be around 13. As the book progresses he out lives the people of his time and his life gets even more fascinating.

From the cover this would not typically be the type of book that I would pick-up off the shelf, but I feel lucky to have had the chance to read this novel. Luca just jumps off the pages. You feel his emotions and route for him all the way though his troubled and long life. Things never come easy for Luca. He suffers many things worse than death, but some how he endures and grows from his experiences. Traci L. Slatton has a winner with Immortal and I look forward to more of her works. Immortal will blow you away with heartbreaking emotion. You will never look at life the same way.

Book Blurb for Immortal

In an age of wonderous beauty and terrible secrets, one man searches for his destiny...

In the majestic heart of Florence, a beautiful golden-haired boy is abandoned and subjected to cruelty beyond words. But Luca Bastardo is anything but an ordinary boy. Across two centuries of passion and intrigue, Luca will discover an astonishing gift-one that will lead him to embrace the ancient mysteries of alchemy and healing and to become a trusted confidant to the powerful Medicis.even as he faces persecution from a sadistic cabal determined to wrest his secrets for themselves.

But as the Black Death and the Inquisition wreak havoc on his beloved city, Luca's survival lies in the quest to solve two riddles. One is the enigma of his parents and his ageless beauty. The other is a choice between immortality and the only chance to find his one true love. As Luca journeys through the heights of the Renaissance, befriends Giotto and Leonardo Da Vinci-140 years apart-and pursues the most closely guarded secrets of religious faith and science for the answers to his own burning questions, his remarkable search will not only change him.but will change the course of history.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25