Our Sacred Balance

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Our Sacred Balance

Book Three of the Triquetra Trilogy Sequel to Haunted Your Soul

Kristair and Jacob can't believe that they just might have a life together when things start happening and they are pulled back into danger.  An unknown attacker who is targeting the vampire world is targeting friends of Kristair’s. The vamps are being left out to burn in the sun.  When Ussier calls upon Kristair to help solve the murders he can't refuse despite Jacobs objections.

Kristair is trying to overcome the lack of powers and still try to be what he was before. As the enemy draws closer Kristair finds the links and knows who is targeting him and his friends, but he needs the help of Jacob, Ussiers and the rest to defeat the enemy.

Can Kristair and Jacob over come the killer and live or will Jacob loose Kristair again to death?

Our Sacred Balance is a well-written ending to the Triquetra Trilogy. I liked the series from the start in “My Heart is Within You” to “Haunted by Your Soul” to the ending in “Our Sacred Balance”. I intend to keep the whole series in my keeper file and reread them because I enjoyed them so much.  Dark love and finding your soulmate are favorite themes of mine.

The storyline went smoothly from start to finish with the occasional side trips into the other books for memories. The love story between Kristair and Jacob was very well written and believable as well as hot and sexy. It is a passionate love. Passionate, that is how I would describe the love scenes between the two men. I will recommend this one to everyone who likes a good love story with Vampires and the supernatural world to boot.

Marguerite please keep writing so well!

Book Blurb for Our Sacred Balance

m/m, contemporary, paranormal
Page Count:  293
Lovers Kristair and Jacob believe they're done with the supernatural and on the road to a new life. But the supernatural isn't done with them. A stalker is targeting vampires, tearing them from their sanctuaries and leaving them to burn in the sun, and when the vampires of Pittsburgh call upon the ancient Kristair, he cannot refuse them aid despite Jacob's objections. 
While their quest becomes more dangerous, tempers flare when Jacob tries to make Kristair understand the limitations of being human again. As they struggle to reach a balance between them, the other vampires become restless, eager to find the person responsible for the deaths of their own so they can vent their rage. 
But the enemy is closer than they ever imagined and carries a personal grudge against them. Their mental link gone and spiritual strength halved, Jacob and Kristair must conquer Kristair's newfound helplessness and learn to communicate with each other before their enemy destroys everything they've fought so hard to win.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.25