Taking Chances

Love Projects, 1

I pretty much love anything S.J. Maylee puts out.

When I noticed this book was available to review I snapped it right up. I’m so glad I did. This is actually a different series than the one I have been reading from her. I was interested to see if my excitement would wax or wane any based on series. After trying this new series I still love her books.

I really like the fact I’m in on the first book of the series and I have the others to look forward to. The prospect of a BDSM matchmaking boss is pretty hysterical. I kind of wish I’d had one of those myself! But alas, no kink fairy godfather for me. I had to do it all on my own. I love that Lydia had this huge crush on Jake and all sorts of fantasies. They get assigned to do a project together and then the sparks start to fly.

Jake knows of his boss’ reputation as a matchmaker. They are both doms at the same club. Though boss man denies it, Keller smirks at him. Lydia calls him Sir and the heat is on! As usual, someone always tries to interfere and we have Gina from the office doing so. Gina’s story comes later. Plus we get the family issues and misunderstandings. In the end we get a wonderful story.

Book Blurb for Taking Chances

Lydia’s father walked away from her when she was eight. She’s struggled to not let him affect her, but fears she wasn’t lovable enough to make him stay. Jake wants to love one woman, but after scaring the last woman he met outside of the club, he doubts he has the right. She protects her heart by sticking with her fantasies, and he lives by a set of rules that excludes women who choose a vanilla lifestyle.

The two will be kept in a conference room working together until their special project is complete. If Lydia and Jake hold tight to their bland lives, they’ll always yearn for love that is out of reach. But together they can find common ground, passion, and a reason to take chances. Once they discover the grand possibilities of the love they desire, they find themselves in the very place they tried never to be again, facing unguaranteed love.

Be Warned: spanking, BDSM, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00