Forty Candles

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Forty Candles

Virginia Nelson gifts readers with this fabulous contemporary. Chloe Walker is a woman about to turn forty and watching her remember, rethink and re-evaluate her life was definitely interesting but watching her deal with Jack Leonard was even even better. The bond between Chloe and Jack is undeniable and seeing this intelligent, mature woman freaking over her reactions and the lack of things going her way was definitely delightful. I admit I found a certain glee in the fact that a woman closer to my own age didn't have her life together. That while she wasn't a walking disaster she also didn't have all the answers. Her doubts, her indecision and even her frustrations made me like her even more because I could identify with her and understand where she was coming from. Watching her agonizing over her relationship with Jack was at times heartening and heartbreaking and I loved every minute of it. Jack stole my heart from the minute he divulged his plan. The man is so wonderful, absolutely perfect for Chloe, matching her stubbornness and seeing all her light and darkness. I loved the merry chase they lead one another on and having their friends and family involved made me feel as if I was part of the story. If you want a love story with substance you've got to pick this one up.

The Story: Chloe Walker is nearing her fortieth Birthday and she's wondering if living her life the way she has is what was meant for her. Is it time to change things up? should she do things differently? Jack has always loved Chloe but she's been determined to avoid a serious relationship with him but he's got a plan to make her his? Will they both get the best birthday gift of all?

Book Blurb for Forty Candles

Chloe Walker did everything right. She went to college, got a good job, dated the right men—everything. Peering at forty from a bit too close, she realizes she can be miserable that she didn’t end up happily married to the handsome prince…or she can count her lucky stars. She tries to go with stars, but the universe seems to have other plans.

Jack Leonard has loved Chloe since they were kids. He’s stood by her through all life’s little messes, been her shoulder to cry on, and figured one day they’d wind up together. He figures he’s just waiting her out. When her life goes swirly, he’s got to convince her that some men are worth risking it all for.

Can Jack make Chloe rethink her birthday wish or will she get just what she asked for when she blows out Forty Candles?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00