Blood of Saints

A Sabrina Vaughn Novel, #4

Blood of Saints, by Maegan Beaumont, is a thriller, detective story, and one woman's journey all rolled into one. Sabrina is forced into a case that only se can solve. To do that she must relive old memories and relive her gruesome past. I like this character and enjoyed learning more about her as the story progressed. The beginning of the story was idyllic and as a reader I was pulling for her to get that back. Church was a fascinating character who I would love to read more about. From her background and instincts, Sabrina was built up as a knowledgeable agent who would always get her man, or woman. Knowing that created disappointment when she kept haphazardly guessing who the real killer was. The transition between these guesses was not smooth and as reader I felt a bit cheated. Looking back I don't understand the need to add that to the story. It seemed to build a crescendo toward the ending and then crash and burn. All of that said- wonderful writing that will definitely pull you in and make you want to read more.

Book Blurb for Blood of Saints

He wants a miracle

And he won’t stop killing until he gets one

Deep in the mountains of Montana, former Homicide inspector Sabrina Vaughn has found the kind of peace she’s always dreamed of. And with Michael O’Shea, she’s found the kind of love she never thought possible. Together, even under the constant threat of faraway adversaries, they’ve managed to build the kind of idyllic life they’ve both longed for.

But a life this safe was never meant to last. When twenty-year-old forensic evidence connects her to a string of recent murders, Sabrina must leave her new life behind and return to the place she was brutally raped and tortured in order to search for a killer who’s as cunning as any she’s ever encountered.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00