Once Upon a Tiger

Tiger Shifters, #1

I definitely look forward to seeing if Ms. Simmons has plans for another visit with this pride. I do hope so and soon.

Alexis Tarasova is tracker for her pride. A pride that has seen the decline in the birth of females over time. Because of the decline the elders stepped in and decreed the “Run” as mandatory for all females. Before there were death matches between males and assaults, gang rapes and even murders of the females. Alex was given exemption from the run in exchange for her service. When she enters her cabin retreat for the three days of her estrous or her fertile period suddenly six tigers show up on her land. One of whom is Nick, a fellow tracker, and another, Victor Romanov, who is the only tiger Alex has ever wanted to mate. She is given the news that the elders have rescinded the exception and the males are there to chase her and the winner gets her.

Victor is not allowed to participate in the Run. That’s due to him being considered defective because he has been mute since the age of four. That did not keep him from loving Alex or from coming to her aid if she was in need. Alex is a strong and determined woman with a touch of mystery in her past. Victor is a soul that has known pain and come out strong with a sense of what he wants from life and is willing to go for it.

What will happen when the passion ignites to the point that these two give into their desires? What happens to the one who would carry out the judgments of their pride's laws is now about to break more than she wants to count? What will become of the one who was denied a chance of a mate who is willing to fight to keep others away from her?

This is a novel of passion long denied. That banked passion is a flickering flame about to become a raging forest fire. You will be panting yourself before the book ends. The ending does bring a couple of surprises. Do not be too sure you know the course the end of the book will take until the last page.

Readers will enjoy reading this page turner. Learn the stories of Alex's and Victor's pasts that made them the people they are today. These are people you would want for friends or watching your back in a dangerous situation.

Book Blurb for Once Upon a Tiger

She’ll never run.

Among the tiger shifters, Alexis Tarasova is regarded as fierce and dangerous, with a reputation that would make even the most daring tiger think twice about challenging her. Female tiger shifters may be rare and the mating run a critical part of their species’s survival, but Alexis is the only female Tracker and will not back down, even at the threat of tiger law. She will not be forced to mate. So when a handful of males band together to force her to participate in the run, Alexis chooses to stand her ground and fight instead.

He's forbidden to run.

Outcast from the tiger shifters after a vicious childhood attack left him mute, Victor Romanov has never taken part in the mate run. He’s never particularly cared, though, since the woman he loves refuses to take a mate. However, when he learns Alexis may be in danger, all bets are off. Nothing will keep him from her side.

Together, they’re unmovable.

The chemistry between them burns wickedly hot and forges them into an unbeatable pair. Alexis knows that being with Victor means she will have to break another one of her people’s laws—a move that might push the tigers too far. But, for Victor, she will risk everything, including her life, and do what she thought she’d never do—run.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00