Holding Her Own

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Holding Her Own

Agent Caitlin Chaney will do anything she can to prove she is a good FBI agent. She has had to work hard because of who her father is. Everybody thinks she has special favors but nobody knows how hard she works like her pretend husband Agent Jake Lefevre. For years her life has been the FBI and work. Now living temporarily with Jake she wants more than just her work. Their job was to find the embezzler not to get involved. Yet one kiss from him is making Caitlin dream the impossible and about the possibility of a real marriage. Can she finish her job before their cover is blown?
Agent Jake Lefevre has done many things in his life. Some that he wants kept secret. The job he is doing right now is about to uncover one of his biggest secrets. He knows it was in the past but he has no clue how to explain it to Caitlin. He knows the closeness between them is driving them closer but like Caitlin he has skeletons in his closet. Jake knows that Caitlin will believe him in anything but he wants more than trust from her. Jake has always worked alone in his line of work having Caitlin around is proving that she is more than he can handle. Or can he?
Marie Nicole Ryan has a hit with this beautiful book. I loved that you have two hardheaded people and workaholics too boot put closely together. Jake and Caitlin are great from their fiery tempers to their passionate interludes. Holding Her Own is just an overall awesome read. Marie definitely knows how to create memorable characters and a loved that keeps the storyline plunging along. There is never a dull moment as the excitement keeps your nose glued to the pages.

Book Blurb for Holding Her Own

Pretending to be newlyweds is a dangerous game…particularly if you’re falling in love.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Caitlin Chaney believes in doing things strictly by the book. It’s the only way to prove she’s earned her rank despite her father’s position in the federal government. Just her luck, she’s been teamed with an agent who’s known for following his instincts, not the rules. To her way of thinking, Agent Jake LeFevre is a screw up and bound to trash her operation—and career.

Jake is used to running undercover ops his way, and he’s not too happy with his new boss—an accountant, no less, whose undercover experience is limited at best. He needs a partner who can hold her own, not a prima donna.

At first the sparks that fly between them aren’t the good kind. From the very beginning, their cover as madly-in-love newlyweds at a New Orleans casino is tested to the max. But as they work together to find a missing whistleblower in a money-laundering scheme, their admiration grows to respect—and something more.

Then Jake discovers the casino CFO is someone he loved as a teenager. If the woman recognizes him, things could go sideways, and fast—and in a way that could leave their bodies—and hearts—in pieces.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00