The Virgin Huntress

The Devil DeVere, #2

Whew! What a lively, sexy, smokin' hot read! I loved the verbal sparring between the characters and the determination of the heroine to have her man, come h*ll or high water. Her devious plotting was a hoot and her by-play with the hero was uber-sexy and spiked my already steady interest in the story (and maybe my temperature too…lol). I enjoyed the first book in this series (A Wild Night's Bride) and as the second in the series, The Virgin Huntress, only got better…and much hotter! The supporting characters are reappearing from the first book and we'll see them again in the next, I'm sure, and I can hardly wait. They're absolutely integral to each story and it's fascinating how Ms Vane makes that happen with such ease. The sex is just…wow!... and The Virgin Huntress is not only a must read, but a keeper too! Okay, Ms. Vane…I'm so ready for more in this series!

Vesta is now in London, about to be introduced to society for her first season. An early morning horse ride makes her interest quickly fade in the balls and parties she's about to attend, as she sees Captain Hewitt DeVere pass by her at the park. She's instantly in love with the commanding, broad shouldered captain and immediately decides he will be hers…no matter what she has to do. Unfortunately, Hew is enamored with her godmother, Diana. Vesta must come up with a plan to get him away from Diana so he can really see that Vesta is no longer a child. Vesta is quickly frustrated and wonders if Hew will ever come to see her as a grown woman.

Book Blurb for The Virgin Huntress

All's Fair in Love and Abduction

In the second installment of the award-winning Devil DeVere series, Ned's daughter Vesta is preparing for her come-out only to have her world turned upside down when her father returns from London with a bride of his own! Put out that he is so wrapped up in Phoebe, Vesta accompanies her godmother, Diana, to town where she meets and falls instantly in love with the gallant Captain Hewett DeVere.

"Hew" DeVere, younger brother to Viscount Ludovic "The Devil" DeVere, has returned from the war with plans of selling his commission and settling down. He quickly becomes enamored of the older but beautiful Diana, and barely notices eighteen-year-old Vesta. When Hew fails to respond to her feminine charms, Vesta takes extreme measures to capture the object of her desire, but Hew didn't survive the worst of the war only to succumb to Vesta's wayward wiles.

"You conniving creature! How can you possibly think I could ever love such a spoiled, petulant, self-absorbed, and scheming little wretch?"

Proving the adage that opposites attract, this hilarious romp pits the would-be huntress against the gallant hero in an epic war of wills. (Romantic comedy with mature content)

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00