Client Privileges

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Client Privileges

At what point in time does keeping one aspect of yourself hidden become too much?  Is revealing it worth the cost that comes with it?

Client Privileges does a great job of answering both questions. Jonas Vaneau works at the law courts during the day and most of his evenings at home. The only exception to that routine is when he spends Sabbath evenings with his parents having dinner and seeing what seems like a never-ending line of possible brides.

One day everything changes when Jonas goes to a brothel and "meets" Micah Hartshorn.  Neither man can forget the other, even as both men go about their daily lives and they meet again.  Even as they grow closer the more they see each other, big trouble is afoot when laws are introduced, through legal though not entirely savory means, that could mean the end of both of their livelihoods.

Added to Jonas' troubles comes an event that puts his life into a tailspin he isn't able to control.  Will Micah be able to help him? Will they be able to have a life together? Or will everything be too much for them?

A very interesting read that explores family relationships, friendships, and meeting the right person in the most unexpected of places. Client Privileges also takes a look into the fact that just because someone has a certain job does not mean that that person will be a bad parent. Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Client Privileges

196 pages / 75000 words
Gay Erotic Romance, Fantasy
Jonas Vaneau's life seems ordinary, with days working at law courts and evenings at home with his cat, plus countless Sabbath dinners with his parents and an endless string of potential brides. Meanwhile, an unusual encounter with seemingly ordinary brothel client Jonas causes Micah Hartshorn considerable consternation. When Jonas inexplicably bursts past his emotional defenses, Micah can't even fall back on his professional skills to help him.

The attraction between Micah and Jonas grows, despite their misgivings. As they grow closer, all personal problems are swept up in political unrest when new laws threaten both men's livelihoods. When even greater troubles send Jonas' world spinning beyond his control, it's up to Micah to save Jonas from the downward spiral if he can.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50