The Heart of a Duke

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The Heart of a Duke

Victoria Morgan's "The Heart of a Duke" has a great villain, and a few twists and turns making for a delightful read. Though readers will know who the villain of the story is right away, the lengths he'll go to, to get what he wants is unexpected and will keep readers guessing. He is menacing and hateful, and readers will rejoice when Daniel and Julia triumph. Morgan creates a unique protagonist and antagonist by making them twins. Daniel and Edmund look alike, but their personalities are complete opposites. Julia must deal with both twins, but her personality is suited to do so. She is clever, strong, and at the same time, the perfect example of a lady. Her romance with Daniel is steamy, but does not overwhelm the storyline. Brett and Robbie add much needed comic relief to the story, and the dialogue between them and Daniel is witty and fun. The plot twits are added in just the right spots, and the story comes together perfectly in the end. "The Heart of a Duke" is an enjoyable story with enduring characters romance readers will enjoy.

Lady Julia Chandler fears she will be an old woman by the time her fiance, the Duke of Bedford, will be ready to walk down the aisle. Wanting to speed things up she plans to seek him out and kiss him senseless. Her plan might have worked if she hadn't kissed his twin brother, Lord Bryant, who has just returned from America after being gone a decade.

Lord Bryant sailed to America after his life was nearly taken in a deadly fire. He has made his fortune and is now ready to face his cruel twin brother and rebuild his home. Before he can start over he needs to find out who started the fire, and after the kiss he shared with Lady Julia, he knows he must save her from his brother, and maker her heart his.

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From the author of For the Love of a Solder comes a rapturous new novel of unspoken secrets, and true love?

Lady Julia Chandler fears she will be walking down the aisle with a silver-tipped cane if she waits for the Duke of Bedford to seal their engagement. Seeking to quicken his pace, she decides to find her duke, kiss him senseless, and post the wedding banns. It is a good plan, until she mistakes her fiance’s long-absent twin for her duke. 

Ten years ago, Lord Daniel Bryant sailed to America to find his fortune and flee his cruel brother who inherited the family title. A cryptic note draws him back to England: Come home and claim your destiny. Before seeking anything, Daniel must first determine who set the fire that nearly took his life and precipitated his flight abroad. Now with the taste of Lady Julia warm on his lips, the stakes are raised higher than before as he seeks to claim both his destiny and the lady of his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00