Imperial Valley

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Imperial Valley

Jimmy Veeder Fiasco, #3

This novel is different from the get go. While there is a lot of language spread out through the story, it makes the characters believable. Mr. Shaw does a wonderful job showing the story for what it is: a crazy time in some crazy places where some people go a tad crazy! All with a sense of humor and serious moments sprinkled throughout the book. When I open one of his novels I always wonder why I picked it up. But by the end of the first paragraph I know why: his style makes the reader stick with the story from beginning to the end.

With Jimmy Veeder there is never a time when he isn't up to his eyeballs in serious trouble. And his bachelor party is no different! Being kidnapped, dragged places, and watching a bunch of women dance at a bachelor party should be fun. And it is AFTER the scare (or should I say thrill) of being kidnapped by a bunch of men and forced to wear a hood and left in an empty room for a while. But after a few beers it's time to go forth and get married (which is what Jimmy does).

It isn't until Tomas comes through with a wonderful honeymoon package and the name of Juan's grandfather, that the real adventure for Jimmy and Angie begins. They go to Mexicali and discover the grandfather is a really bad man. And what's worse, he wants his grandson. This man is so mean and bad that he is willing to hire people to kidnap Juan and kill Jimmy and anyone else who gets in the way. Of course with Jimmy nothing is ever simple or easy as he figures out how to save Juan from his grandfather's clutches.

Another outstanding novel from the get go! Mr. Shaw makes writing realistic characters seem easy. And as far as the various locales and situations are concerned, they are believable and at times humorous. So if you can ignore the bad language or don't care, this is a novel with something different in mind. And if you've read the other books, you'll enjoy this one too. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Imperial Valley

Jimmy Veeder has finally settled down, completing his dramatic transformation from hell-raiser to family man. With his new wife, Angie, and eight-year-old son, Juan, he lives the quiet life. No trouble, no problems.

Or so he thought. But this is Jimmy Veeder’s Fiasco, after all.

The night after his wedding, Jimmy is lured right back into a world of danger and mayhem when childhood friend Tomás Morales, the current crime lord of Mexicali, turns up on his doorstep offering information about the whereabouts of his son’s grandfather, for whom Jimmy has been searching for years.

Jimmy and Angie head to Mexico—one part honeymoon, one part expedition to find Juan’s grandfather—accompanied by old pals Bobby Maves and Griselda.

The trip immediately careens into chaos when they find themselves shadowed by thugs, shot at by cartel soldiers, and forced into a confrontation with a violent, volatile drug lord. The fight spreads from Sinaloa back to Jimmy’s doorstep, putting everything Jimmy cares about directly in the crosshairs.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00