The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation

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The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation

One Night With Consequences

"The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation" has a variety of good romance tropes - unexpected pregnancy, boss as lover, another woman, and a case of amnesia! When combined all together, this story was quite the easy read! I really liked both the main characters - Sienna who is reserved at first with walls around her heart for protection and the similar Emiliano who also has scars which keep him from initially committing to their relationship. I particularly liked where we start in the story - we get to see how the relationship is before the pregnancy and before the amnesia. It also opens with a nice amount of drama and we get to see Sienna's independent, fighting spirit. She is a strong character, but we see her vulnerable side when she gets in an accident and has partial amnesia. The amnesia was also well-handled; it seemed very probable after such an emotional experience. There is also a high level of family drama and dysfunction which I enjoyed. Overall, a very good read!

After an intense affair with her boss ends in a dramatic fashion, Sienna Newman is determined never to see him again. But when an accident leaves her with partial amnesia, it is Emiliano who comes to her side. Both are surprised to discover that Sienna is pregnant. Knowing so little of her past, Sienna accepts Emiliano's offer to stay with him while she recovers. After all, he is the only familiar thing in the empty space of her mind. The more they are together, the more Sienna remembers of their heated passion... if only she could remember everything.

Knowing that Sienna doesn't remember the fiery demise of their relationship is a reprieve for Emiliano. Realizing that he has limited time, he invites Sienna to stay with him, determined to stake a claim on their child before her memories resurface. But this Sienna is different from the one he knows - suddenly they are sharing things they had kept buried for too long. And soon, it's not only the child Emilliano wants, but Sienna herself!

Book Blurb for The Boss's Nine-Month Negotiation

The passion she could never forget… 

When fiercely independent Sienna Newman's memory is lost, she's transported back to those blissful nights with her ex-boss, powerful Argentinean Emiliano Castillo! And with the news of her pregnancy sending shock waves through them both, she tentatively accepts Emiliano's invitation to his luxurious private island… 

When Emiliano realizes Sienna has no idea how they were torn apart, he knows it's a race against time to secure his claim on his child—and Sienna!—before her memories return. Can the seduction of a lifetime convince her that she's where she belongs…in his bed?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00