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The Asset

It is not often I find a book as explosive and as breathtakingly exciting as The Asset. It is a novel that starts off fast and never once slows down. The novel will take readers on a non-stop, round the world international intrigue adventure filled with spies, terrorist cells, a coup, and some very well known international political figures. The author writes in such as way as to place the reader in the midst of the jungles of South America, right along with his characters. It was quite an unexpected treat to find this book, and I am very eagerly anticipating his next book, She’s Gone.

Peter Maddox thought he had it all. He had a good job as a top CIA station chief in Venezuela, and a nice place to live. Overall it was a good life. That is, until Sonia Collins comes sweeping into his world. Sonia is a city girl, raised in the heart of Caracas, Venezuela. She knows all of its secrets. And as such, she is the premier realtor in Caracas. So when Peter needs her assistance with locating some new safe houses in Venezuela, he is totally unprepared for what happens next. When rumors of a not too distant terrorist training camp rise along with rumors of a pending coup to overthrow President Hugo Chavez, Peter knows he must use all his wits to survive Venezuela, save himself along with Sonia and the rest of his team, and survive the fallout. Hang on for the ride, it’s quite an adventure.

Book Blurb for The Asset

The Asset is a high-octane CIA thriller set in Venezuela during the period leading up to the 2002 coup d'état attempt against Hugo Chavez.

This action thriller keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the main character, Pete Maddox weaves his way through upper CIA levels with foreign operatives and a beautiful Venezuelan woman.

As CIA station chief overseeing all operations in Venezuela from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Maddox deals with persons familiar to 21st century readers, such as Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gaddafi, drug cartels, and guerrilla fighters. Every few pages will create more secrets and intrigue as Maddox works spy-like miracles to get his job done. Whom should he trust? Will the CIA back him? Will he, or his assets, live another day? Then there is the coup, what part and which side is Maddox truly on?

This tale of CIA and spy intrigue brings Latin America to life amid the clashes among the various political groups, meanwhile supporting a tender love story. Don't miss this ultimate thriller.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00