The Year of Loving

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The Year of Loving

Sarah's life is a mess. Anything and everything that could go wrong does. Her relationship with her daughters is terrible and getting worse. Her Ex husband is constantly making her life hell, through whatever means necessary. Her best friend is fighting cancer and struggling, which means Sarah cannot unload her woes on her friend like she used to. Now she has not one man to work through love with but two. And to top it off, her dream, being a gallery owner, seems to be crumbling too.

The rawness of this story pulls at your heart and fills you with so many conflicting emotions. Her first ex-husband, and the father of her children is such a hateful and petty man. The way he turns the children against her and lets them do whatever harmful thing they want makes me want to strangle him. I would think his current wife would get tired of all the court cases and BS but she seems to be of the same ilk as he is. The second husband doesn't seem too bad, just a little narcissistic and immature--Pretty much a perfect rebound guy, but not great husband material. It does sound like he has an awesome talent which leads me to believe that he will be going places.

The struggle with the daughters is heartbreaking. I'm not sure how things will end there but, I felt bad when Sarah tried so hard with no positive response.

One thing about her best friend struggling with stage four cancer is that Sarah has to become even stronger and more independent. Although she has been struggling against the world every since her parents died, for a long while she was able to lean on her sister from another mother for strength. Now she has to be the strong one and muddle through on her own.

And finally the men. Both have great qualities that appeal to both Sarah and the reader. Both are handsome, nice, smart and interesting (and a very fun diversion). It would definitely be a struggle to choose one. One has patience, stability, experience, time and a loving family. And one is smart, fun and creative but has a mess of his own and very little time. But his heart speaks to hers much louder.

As always, I enjoy when the characters are flawed and make mistakes like the rest of us. The protagonist, Sarah, has had quite a few doosies in her life and will probably make more, although she does grow and become a better version of herself throughout the pages. Dr. Scott kind of irked me a few times with his assumptions and favors. Both exes and her friend had moments of less than stellar behavior (especially the previously mentioned ex) and at least one daughter is a slow train wreck. Most of them have their redeeming and likable qualities but struggle with something that is tearing them down and hopefully building them back up.

This story is gritty and painful. And happy and funny. It has a wide spectrum of feelings to carry you through Sarah's story.

Book Blurb for The Year of Loving

Art gallerist Sarah Paige’s world is crumbling. One daughter barely speaks to her and the other is off the rails. Sarah is struggling to keep her gallery afloat in a tough market when she learns that her most beloved friend has cancer. In the midst of her second divorce, two men come into her life: an older man who offers companionship and stability and an exciting younger man whose life is as chaotic as hers.

Sarah’s courage, humor, and spirit strengthen her, but how much can she bear, and what sustains her when all else falls away?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50