Best Man for the Bridesmaid

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Best Man for the Bridesmaid

The DeFiore Brothers

This is the second book in the Defiore Brothers Duet series.

Rome, Italy is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. But, this wedding will be a huge challenge for all involved. Why? The TV show the engaged couple are the stars of, has decided the wedding should be tied in with the show. So, now Lizzy only has two months to get this wedding planned. But, never fear! Her foster sister, Jules, is one of the most organized people around, and the groom has designated his brother and the best man. Stephano, to help Jules with anything she needs. How bad could it be?

I loved Jules knack for expressing her individuality, even if some of it was to cover her pain. A tattoo, lots of makeup and very colorful clothing styles may not stand out in New York but in Italy it's a different story. When Stephano gets lured into helping Jules with the wedding plans, it's comical. These two couldn't be any different, but at the same time they both find the other fascinating, if a little frustrating at times. Stephano is the typical clueless male when it comes to wedding plans and will no doubt cause the reader to stifle a few eye rolls. But, he is also a man who is sad and lonely, so you will have to forgive him for his occasional obtuse remarks.

Both characters have had very heavy issues to deal with in life. Jules came from a neglectful and abusive background and Stephano has withdrawn from the world after the tragic death of his wife.

Can the beautiful and free spirited Jules awaken Stephano and free him from his self-imposed exile from life and love? Can Jules learn to stand up for herself and follow her own path? Although they may seem like an unlikely match, they have an undeniable chemistry and are exactly what the other needs. They complement each other perfectly and the ending is really special. A fast, easy and very romantic read.

Book Blurb for Best Man for the Bridesmaid

Always the bridesmaid… 

Planning her sister's Italian wedding only reminds Jules Lane of how far away she is from finding her own true love. And worse, she's doing it alongside the brooding, mouthwateringly handsome best man, Stefano DeFiore. 

Maybe the bride? 

Having seen the destructive power of love, Stefano has no time for weddings—but Jules's smile is captivating. Making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world is one thing, but can he give this blushing bridesmaid a happily-ever-after of her own?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.50