And Jericho Burned

Toke Lobo & The Pack, #2

Lucy Callahan is prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue her sister from the cult holding her hostage including marrying – a werewolf in this exciting paranormal romance.

When Stoker discovers his mate, he goes after with everything he’s got and lands them all in hot water when it interferes with the reconnaissance mission the band is on. The attraction between Stoker and Lucy may be hot and it may be destined but somebody better fill these two in on how a relationship works because the fiery clashes of temper and hurt feelings ensures that the relationship has as many ups and downs as the notes on Stoker’s keyboard and the reader can’t help but chuckle and shake their heads at these strong compelling characters as the fast paced and smooth flowing plot draws readers in with lots of suspense, excitement and passion.

The villain of this story is sure to make tempers soar and evoke lots of murderous revenge plots from the readers as well as the characters with excitement building as more is revealed about the bad guy (there’s no word bad enough to call him - that I wouldn’t get censored for anyway) and the violence escalates. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the well planned events ensure that there is never a dull moment. And to spice things up even more, there’s dissension in the ranks – somebody needs to give Restin a knock up side the head and I hope if he ever finds a mate that she’s tough enough to do so.

Well I don’t think it’s necessary for me to tell you just how caught up in this story that I got – right? I mean wanting to murder the villain and maybe Restin and I really wanted to coach Stoker and Lucy a little because they deserve their happily ever after…anyway, I can’t wait to read the next book in the series…I wonder whose it will be?

Book Blurb for And Jericho Burned

Lucy Callahan will do anything to rescue her sister from a cult, even marry a werewolf she’s just met. But the werewolves are working undercover for the government, and Lucy fears a confrontation between the agents and the cult could be deadly.

Stoker Smith longs to be the best thing that ever happened to his human mate. He wants to take her home, start their family, and compose his music. And although his pack’s treaty with the government says he doesn’t have to work undercover now that he’s mated, he promised Lucy he’d get her sister out of the cult’s heavily armed compound. Lucy’s sister is now family and to a werewolf, family is everything.

But Operation Jericho quickly turns ugly, thrusting Lucy into the middle of her worst nightmare, where she must choose: her sister or her husband.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50