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Tracers Series, #5

“Twisted” by Laura Griffin is another of the mesmerizing novels in her ‘Tracers’ series. Allison Doyle is at a disadvantage in her department as the rookie detective and one of the few females on the force. A chance encounter with FBI Agent Mark Wolfe gradually develops into an unwilling working relationship as he pursues a serial killer whom he suspects is escalating toward another attack in Allison’s town. A series of insightful deductions on her part facilitates Allison’s inclusion in the investigation but Wolfe strenuously resists any overtures designed to increase the intimacy of their association. The clock is ticking as the date for the killer’s next attack nears and Allison’s contacts and friends at the Delphi Center rush to draw connections in an effort to identify the assailant. Wolfe’s drive to solve the myriad of cases that he is juggling increases the distance that he attempts to keep from his colleagues but he soon discovers that Allison is determined in her pursuit of goals in both her professional and private life. The pressure mounts as the investigators start closing in on their suspect but any distraction may prove fatal for one or both of them.

Another fantastic roller coaster ride as the clues are carefully sprinkled for the reader to absorb. The tension ratchets up between the main characters and the suspense mounts as the deadline draws near. The interaction between the outsider FBI agent and the younger detective striving to overcome her mistakes and prove herself to her colleagues is deftly described and causes the reader to become invested in the relationship. Each character’s internal conflicts and dedication add to the suspenseful tale and the gradually unfolding case builds into an exciting finale. A book that you won’t want to put down until it’s finished. Anxiously awaiting the next in the series, “Burned”.

Book Blurb for Twisted

Rookie detective Allison Doyle only has room in her life for one goal: to prove to everyone that she is every bit as capable as the men in her small-town Texas police department. But when a vicious murder sends shockwaves through her community, Allison finds herself at the epicenter of a bigger challenge than she ever imagined. Legendary FBI profiler Mark Wolfe arrives to consult on the case and puts forth a startling new theory-that the crime is not the handiwork of the police's prime suspect, but of an elusive psychopath Mark has been hunting for more than a decade.

Teaming up with Mark puts Allison's professional reputation-and her heart-in jeopardy, but she shoves these risks aside so she can tap into one of the FBI's best assets. With Mark's help, as well as the elite group of forensic scientists known as the Tracers, Allison uncovers the killer's true identity. Or does she? As the net tightens around a psychopath, Allison begins to wonder if she and Mark have trapped a killer or become ensnared themselves..

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.75