Too Small for My Big Bed

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Too Small for My Big Bed

Sleep Tight in Your Own Bed Tonight!

This is a lovely oversized children’s book that combines vividly illustrated pictures with lessons on encouraging independence in one’s child. The gradual boost to Piper’s confidence combined with the firm yet gentle insistence that he occupy his own bed at night provides a nice lesson for parents and children alike. A delightful read that will provide food for the mind and the imagination.

“Too Small for my Big Bed” by Amber Stewart is a sweet children’s book beautifully illustrated by Layn Marlow. A tiger cub named Piper is reluctant to sleep alone at night and prefers to climb into bed with his mom. She utilizes several techniques to encourage Piper to become more independent and secure as he explores the world around him.

Book Blurb for Too Small for My Big Bed

Piper is a very active little tiger cub who loves jumping and climbing all day long. Every day, with Mommy tiger there to encourage him, Piper learns to do something new--and do it all by himself. But when bedtime arrives, Piper dislikes the dark night, and he especially dislikes sleeping all alone in his bed. He wakes up in the middle of each night, and feeling all alone, he goes to Mommy so he can sleep cuddled up in her bed. How can Mommy tiger help him overcome his fear so that he can sleep alone the whole night through? Both parents and toddlers will recognize an all too familiar situation--and how to solve it--as Mom or Dad reads this story aloud to their little boy or girl. Attractive color illustrations on every page.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00