Dark Reign 2

Another spicy m/m paranormal short story that provides a thumbnail sketch of a unique werewolf pack and gives additional background about its leader. Despite the fact that each of these stories is very brief, the author does a very nice job of creating intriguing characters and the tension ratchets up with each subsequent story. A fun quick read.

“Dark Reign 2: Oathbound” by Mychael Black continues the series about an intriguing group of shapeshifters. Vaughn Burke is tasked to bring former high school classmate Elian Levine into the safety of the pack but there are complications, including their searing attraction to one another that threatens to plunge them into a struggle that will significantly change the dynamics between the vampires and werewolves in their town forever.

Book Blurb for Oathbound

Once high school nemeses, now band mates with a secret and a love worth starting a war to save.

Vaughn Burke is an Enforcer -- a werewolf working for Marcus Deleon and tasked to help their kind escape from the vampire Dalton Gray. When Marcus gives Vaughn a new case, it’s not exactly what Vaughn expects.

Elian Levine is the guitarist for a metal band, but he has a secret no one knows. When he managed to escape Dalton Gray, he kept the truth hidden, even from his band mates. Now their need for a singer threatens to tear the lid off his closely-guarded past.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50