In a Lover's Silence

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In a Lover's Silence

Qwillia Rain's "In a Lover's Silence" provides a suspense-filled erotic tale that follows the hunt for a deranged serial killer that brings Deputy U.S. Marshal Seth Vassar to Alaska and into the life of unconventional Wynne Smith. Wynne's penchant for analyzing details allows her to uncover a pattern of behavior in a suspected murderer and her conscience refuses to allow her to succumb to the pressures of her supervisors but instead leads her to contact the local authorities with her findings. Seth is unwillingly attracted to the abruptly unemployed woman who displays a disregard for her own safety as she continues to pursue her investigation but he has a painful link to the investigation that may make it impossible to remain an impartial bystander. Wynne's dogged pursuit of the person whom she feels is a serial killer brings her into conflict with the sexy Texan whose protective instincts are roused by the feisty woman who is determined to follow her own path. The two have an incandescent attraction for one another but each has scars from the past that prevents them from being willing to commit to the relationship, especially since it is inevitable that Seth will return to his job in Texas. Can they reconcile their issues before the murderer claims his next victim? Only if they learn to work together.

A wonderfully sensual thriller that conjures an intriguing Alaskan setting and peoples it with fascinating characters. The sexy Deputy Vassar is nicely contrasted with the FBI agent (Dex Franklin) that he is accompanying and there are plenty of secondary characters who give depth to the tale, particularly the charming April and the alluring Ravin. Wynne is an engaging character who has a particularly sassy mouth no matter what situation she lands in and one cannot help cheering her on even as the investigation closes in on the creepy and chilling maniac who has been wreaking havoc over many states.

Book Blurb for In a Lover's Silence

Alaskan bill-collector Wynne Smith has a problem. Actually, she has two. The first is sexy, six-foot, Deputy US Marshal, Seth Vassar, fresh off the plane from Dallas, Texas and looking for answers to a five year old murder investigation. The by-the-book marshal doesn't take no for an answer any more than Wynne likes to let a puzzle go unsolved.

Which leads to her second problem. A serial killer intent on making Wynne pay for destroying his next work of art.

Now Wynne has to guard her heart against a man she knows is going to leave her while she tries to keep one step ahead of a maniac. In a game this deadly, her only hope lies In A Lover's Silence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.25