Dark Reign 1

This sensual m/m short story is filled with a fascinating combination of imaginative twists. I was intrigued by Geoff’s ability to overcome a significant handicap and captured by the author’s ability to tell a compelling story so compactly. There are naturally a few forced elements given the limitations of the brevity of the story but this is a great start to the series and I am anxious to read the next stories in the series because all of the characters seem so interesting and alluring.

“Dark Reign 1: Found” by Mychael Black is the fascinating m/m erotic paranormal short story that introduces Andrew Jefferies to the world that Geoff Howell seeks to return him to. Andrew has trouble accepting all of the wondrous changes in his life but Geoff is determined to make things as easy as possible for the man who doesn’t realize he is Geoff’s mate.

Book Blurb for Found

A bleak future turns out to be the key to a forgotten past. Can a mysterious man help AJ remember who he really is?

AJ remembers nothing about life before he began working for the sadistic vampire Dalton Gray. When Dalton’s plans go awry, AJ is sure he’s as good as dead. Then a mystery hero shows up and offers AJ something he never expected: a past.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00