Snowbound with the Soldier

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Snowbound with the Soldier

This was an entertaining story in which I enjoyed getting to know Kara Jameson and Jason Smith. In this book, we’re told the backstory of how Jason up and left Kara, his fiancée at the time, to go join the military without telling her a reason why. Their engagement was broken off and they hadn’t spoken to each other in seven years. Since Jason is now back home again, he’s hoping to make things right with Kara, but she’s not giving him the time of day. As a matter of fact, she really doesn’t have the time for him right now because she’s extremely worried about losing the only job she’s worked hard at these past few years. Greene Summit Resort, what used to be the premier ski destination in Pennsylvania, is now a shambled mess because it was run into the ground by Jason’s dad. Now the resort has been sold and Kara is fearful that the new owners are not only going to get rid of all the existing problems that are found within the resort, but also they’ll probably fire the old staff and start anew. But things have a strange way of working, because when Kara and Jason get snowed in together because the largest winter storm is passing through the area, there seems to be no time like the present to start making amends.

I really liked this story and I thought at times that Kara was giving Jason a bit too much of a hard time, but I did understand where she was coming from. It wasn’t right that Jason just abruptly joined the military seven years ago and didn’t explain what he was thinking and feeling at the time. He owed that to Kara considering they were engaged. I loved how they were snowed in together and had no choice but to face the elephant in the room. And boy, I’m glad they did! If you’re in the market for an enjoyable story that you can lose yourself in for a few hours, than look no further.

When Kara sees that Jason is back home from the military, the last thing she wants to do is talk to him. Now seeing him again just reminds her of how he ripped her heart out when he made the abrupt decision to join the military seven years ago without discussing it with her. If that isn’t bad enough, he broke their engagement off before he left. She doesn’t have time for him because she’s learned that the ski resort she works for has been bought by another company. She’s fearful of losing her job and she desperately needs the money. When they are snowed in together, it seems that things are working in Jason’s favor because he’s able to truly explain what was going on in his head all those years ago. All he wants to do is apologize to Kara, but when he does, does she finally accept it?

Book Blurb for Snowbound with the Soldier

Maybe this Christmas…?  

It has been seven long years since Kara Jameson last saw Jason Greene. Returning home as a wounded war hero, Jason looks a shell of the man she once knew. Yet her heart still skips a beat as if it was yesterday…. 

Stepping back into civilian life, Jason looks to Kara for help. But there's too much water under the bridge—not to mention too much lingering attraction. 

But it seems that the mountain weather has other ideas, and when Kara and Jason end up snowbound together they are forced to confront the ghosts of Christmas past.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00