Paint Job

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Paint Job

When Gabby Reynolds saw her first “Paintini,” which is a painted-on bikini, she couldn’t take her eyes off the girl. No matter how many times she looked at the artwork, she clearly was amazed at how precise the paint job was to look like a real bikini. Being so in love with the work, she decided to approach the girl and ask her a few questions about it. Now seeing it close up, she knew she wanted one herself. After making an appointment for the “deluxe package,” Gabby had no idea exactly what she was in for when the two artists start working on her.

This was a fun, sexy and very creative story that Ms. Bridges penned. I wasn’t sure at first just what the “deluxe package” entailed, but once Gabby started getting the “full” treatment, I wasn’t disappointed. If you’re looking for a fun, hot story that has a fresh storyline to read, look no further.

Gabby Reynolds is seeing first-hand what this new “Paintini” artwork is. She loves it so much, that she wants one herself. Once she arrives at her appointment, the two artists begin giving her everything the “deluxe package” has to offer her and then some. She surely won’t be disappointed with their service and she can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. What exactly does the “deluxe package” include? Is Gabby happy with the services rendered? Would she ever get another “Paintini” again?

Book Blurb for Paint Job

Attention-getting, fool-the-eye “Paintinis”—painted-on bikinis—are the newest beachwear trend. Gabby Reynolds has to have one, no matter what the cost, and she even springs for the Deluxe Package.

She has no idea how deluxe her experience will turn out to be.

Saucy seductress Leena and her artist partner Randall want to use Gabby’s body as a canvas…but that’s not all. As their brushes transform her flesh, their touches mark her soul. After their lessons in the art of love, Gabby’s left panting for her next Paintini.

An Exotika ® erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.00