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Home to the Cowboy

Harlequin American Romance 1464

This was an entertaining story that Ms. Renee penned. We’re told the story of how Tess Dalton’s life seemed anything but happy and stable. The poor girl not only lost her job, but her ex-fiancé cheated on her and eloped with his assistant in Las Vegas while Tess was picking out their floral arrangements with the wedding designer they hired. Talk about bad luck. Seeing how she’s invited to a friend’s wedding back home in Ramblewood, Texas, Tess heads home with her faithful feline friend, Ricky. Hoping she doesn’t run into her ex-boyfriend, Cole Langtry, anytime soon, she tries to settle into the small town where gossip is the number one pastime of all the residents. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on her side here in Ramblewood either because it doesn’t take long to run into the very man who she’s still having feelings for – Cole. At first, I wasn’t sure where the storyline was headed because I felt that Tess and Cole were extreme polar opposites of each other. I felt this way because at one time he enjoyed the notoriety he was receiving being on the rodeo circuit and having everyone know his name, while Tess was more the subdued kind of person who didn’t want any attention drawn to her. I felt that she was being unfair back then and she still seemed to be now because she didn’t want to give Cole the time of day to even discuss what happened two years ago. Instead, she stormed off and broke their relationship off. I wanted her to stop and just allow Cole to tell his side of the story. I wanted him to do it no matter how he had to go about doing it or however long it was going to take him to achieve this goal. Ms. Renee knows how to tell a story and she definitely knows how to keep her readers eagerly turning the pages. I’m new to this author, but I’m a big fan now.

Tess Dalton’s life is falling apart around her. She loses her job and her fiancé, Tim, decides to go marry his assistant on the spur of the moment in Las Vegas. Luck seems the last thing working in her favor right now. Being that she has a friend’s wedding coming up, she decides to head to Ramblewood, Texas with her best feline friend, Ricky, days earlier than planned. All she wants to do is settle in and keep out of sight from Cole Langtry, the one man who she truly never got over from two years ago. But since Cole and Tess didn’t end things on a good note, Tess wants nothing to do with Cole now. Not giving up on the woman he thought he was going to marry one day, Cole will do whatever it takes to make things right between him and Tess. Does Tess finally allow Cole to explain himself to her? Is there still a strong enough spark to reignite the flame that used to burn between them? Or is it too late to even try for a second chance at love?

Book Blurb for Home to the Cowboy

Her Heart Never Left 

It seems as if all of Ramblewood, Texas, is far too up-to-date on Tess Dalton's love life, or rather, recent lack thereof. She thought the trip home would help heal her heart—instead it just put her face-to-face with the first man to crush it. 

Cole Langtry is determined to fulfill his father's dream of building an equine-assisted therapy facility on Bridle Dance Ranch. He doesn't have time for distractions, especially of the heartbreaking brunette variety. What he and Tess once had should stay in the past. 

But when one remarkable little girl finally brings Tess and Cole together, it's hard to remember why they're apart. They've never backed down from a challenge before, but facing their true feelings for each other might be the ultimate test.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00