Tempting Gray

The Untouchables, #2

Tempting Gray is the second book in The Untouchables series from the very talented T.A. Grey. I loved it. It is a masterfully crafted tale of heartache, vengeance and passion. One that held me captivated from the beginning to the end.

Grayson and Arabella are two people that were meant to be together. Though fate took them on different paths for a while. Finally, their paths cross again, but after much heartache and devastation along the way.

It wasn't the right time for Gray and Arabella when they first met. An arranged marriage got in the way when Gray mated with Bruid that had been chosen for him. The reader catches up with Gray long years down the road and we see that he is in a bad place in his life. His realizes that his Bruid, Anita, needs a tough love. Yet he can't turn his back on her, it's his nature to protect.

"She's my Bruid. My mate. I love her still" Maybe not as much as he should, but he would always love his mate.

Gray makes a mistake that ends up with him on the wrong end of a vampire mafia. The results are horrific. Consumed by his need for revenge, Gray spirals out of control. He goes to Zeke, the aggravatingly brilliant, slightly insane Alpha, for help tracking down his enemies. Zeke leads him to Arabella, who agrees to use her special tracking abilities to help Gray. They still feel the same connection, but things are different for them now. Gray's guilt and sorrow is heart wrenching. He doesn't want to feel anything for Arabella. So he pushes her away time and again. She is saddened by the changes in Gray, but Arabella doesn't let him get away with anything either. She sets him straight a time or few. The story was loaded with excitement as Gray's need for vengeance leads them on a dangerous adventure. He steps up in a big way to protect Arabella, and she returns the favor to him.

Once again, Zeke stole the show every time he showed up. With his dazed and clueless act he had me giggling out loud. Then not to be forgotten, was his most memorable moments:

"See, that's the thing with vengeance. After it's over and whoever you wants dead is nice and dead, the hot spot is still there. It doesn't go away."

"What hot spot? What are you talking about?”

Zeke formed a loose fist and pressed it to his chest. "Here is where it hurts. It burns, yah? That's what I call the hot spot. That place right near your heart. It can suffocate ya, or kill ya. It grows there and you think it'll go away, but it doesn't. You'll wait too, days after you've killed 'em. You'll start to think that maybe it just takes a little time for it to settle in before the hot spot goes away. But that's the shit of it, Gray. It doesn't disappear just 'cause you killed the guys. It'll go when it's ready."

Somehow, I just know that Zeke has an interesting story to tell. Something that I can't wait to read.

This book easily captured my interest, never once letting me pull away. It kept me on the edge of my seat with everything that happened. It was shocking and dramatic. Loaded with bloodshed, violence and death. It was dripping with emotion, heartache, anguish and pain. It had plenty of passion, that's my favorite thing. The sex scenes were scorching hot and very memorable. The romance itself was wonderful, it was plain to see that Gray and Arabella were truly meant to be. Not to mention that my heart was breaking for Gray, so I really wanted him to find some happiness.

We did have some other intriguing characters that I am dying to read about here. What's up with the search for Zeke's lost mate? Or was it just a clever ploy by the mysterious alpha? Then there was the mystery woman in the woods. Who could she be? Maybe it's Beth. Which brings me to Lucas. Things aren't looking good for him at this point. You just know that with his woman gone he is headed down a bad road. Not to be overlooked is the how something seems to be going on with Vas. So readers are left wondering who they'll be reading about next. I am. I simply cannot wait for the next book.

So I loved this book. I recommend it to everyone.

Book Blurb for Tempting Gray


A dangerous vampire, mated to a woman his heart no longer beats for.

A mistake that would change his entire life.

A mistake so horrific it would lead Grayson Blackmoore back to one woman.

A woman who holds the power to shatter him completely—Marabella Donahue.

Vengeance, bloodshed. The hunt is on and Grayson won’t stop until they’re all dead.

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Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50