Deliver Me From Temptation

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Deliver Me From Temptation

A Novel of the Paladin Warriors, #2

This is a fantastic story that puts a heavenly twist on Paladin warriors. The talented Tes Hilaire definitely *delivers* on this book. She has done an awesome job of building this world of the Paladins. It is unique and exciting. All of the characters are strong with each Paladin has his own unique backstory. Even some of the bad characters prove that no one is all evil. Sometimes they have a little bit of good in them.

Paladins are immortal warrior angels. They exist here on earth to protect His children from the bad guys. You know the bad guys, right? The demons, incubi, succubi, and those blood sucking vampires. I was intrigued by this world of the Paladins. It is so exciting to watch how this world grows with each new book. Deliver Me from Temptation is the second book in the series. The story features Logan and Jessica.

A bit about the story: Logan is the last full blooded Paladin and future leader of the immortal warriors. Even if he were looking for a potential mate he would never choose a mortal only to watch them grow old and die. So why is he so attracted to Jessica Waters? Jessica is a tough cop who is devoted to her job. Tormented by her sister’s murder she is driven to catch the killers (any killer). Logan's best friend / brother-in-law is the suspect in a vigilante murder case. Okay, so the *victim* was a sleazy douche bag serial rapist who deserved to die. Still, the stubborn detective is determined to catch the killer. She keeps bumping into Logan everywhere she goes. She doesn't realize that she has actually met him more times than she can remember and that the hunky guy has saved her life more than once. The cops don't know what to think when dead bodies start showing up all over town. Suspiciously the stiffs are all sporting puncture marks on their bodies. Ah, those thirsty vampires. Just what has the intrepid detective stumbled onto? Has she uncovered a ring of sex offenders or a blood drinking Goth cult? Or could it be something supernatural perhaps? However, the bigger question is: Why can't she fight this powerful desire for Logan?

I loved the heroine in this story. Jess was a tough cop who believed in two things.... herself and her gun. She doesn't know that some things are even more dangerous than her. Nor does she realize that sometimes they are closer than you think. Will Jess be the bait that will catch Logan? Will he sacrifice his own soul to save hers? Or will she finally let go of her anger to save Logan's life?

The author’s writing is flawless. She gave the readers a love story that questioned how much we are willing to sacrifice for the ones we love. Will it be our sanity, our life, our immortal soul, or as simple as letting go of our anger and fear. She has carefully crafted a series with limitless potential. I can hardly wait to see whose story will be next. I loved it!

Book Blurb for Deliver Me From Temptation

Logan Calhoun is the last full-blooded Paladin, the future leader of a race of immortal warrior angels. The heavy responsibility of continuing the Paladin line falls to him, and the last thing he should do is get involved with a human. Then fate throws Jessica Waters, a homicide detective who doesn't believe in fate or divine intervention, into his path. Her devotion lies in her Glock and a good set of handcuffs. Like Logan, she's a warrior for her people, and she awakens within him something he'd never thought he'd feel. But she's also as human as they come...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50