Bad Nights

What an amazing read! Bad Nights has everything I look for in a book. Drama, suspense, action and passion.... you name it, this one's got it. It's an intense story with plenty of plot twists that kept the story moving at a fast and thrilling pace. I was totally into this exciting story from page one.

This novel was absolutely riveting from the moment Morgan stumbles upon Jack, naked and brutally beaten. She can't turn her back on the injured man so she gives him refuge from the storm and from the bad guys who are hunting him. Things get exciting real fast when the villains make some moves that send Morgan and Jack on a pulse pounding adventure.

The story was written with skill and the characters were fully developed. Even though the romance was a little rushed, I was completely sold on it. I saw Morgan and Jack as two people that could've easily been broken by their past, instead they gave each other a reason to go on living. I liked that connection between them. All of the characters were unique and believable, even the villains. Then after several twists and turns, the plot unravels to a climactic and gratifying ending. To this reader's satisfaction, the villains find their comeuppance in the end. The author did an excellent job with the suspense element and kept a crucial identity hidden until the last few chapters. She turned the tables in a brilliant stroke of genius. It's a page turner for sure.

I loved it! It's bound to be a hit with romantic suspense readers. So sit back and enjoy the ride :)

Book Blurb for Bad Nights

When Professor Morgan Rains goes out to investigate a strange sound coming from her backyard, the last thing she expects to see is a naked man covered with burns and bruises. Jack Brandt is a former Navy SEAL on an undercover mission, and he's barely managed to escape from a terrorist militia's torture. When his torturers come back to claim him, he and Morgan are thrown into a pressure cooker of danger and intrigue, and they soon find themselves falling in love. When Morgan is captured, Jack must rescue the woman whose life now means more to him than his own.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50