Earth Star

Earth, #2

Well, when I got this I didn't realize it was book two. But that ended up being just fine as I got hold of book one and both were just amazing! This one doesn't suffer from book-two-itis at all, it was wonderful! It has recaps of book one so if it has been a while since you read book one, there is no reason to go back and re-read it. Jarra gets drafted to the military and as it turns out there were a lot of great reasons why. I love that this book doesn't have a love triangle as a lot of teen ya are adding it constantly. The only issue I did have with both book one and two was the fast ending. It felt really good in book one but this one leaves it very abrupt. So, can't wait for book three!

Book Blurb for Earth Star

Romance, science fiction, action, and a look at the false assumptions we make about others combine in this light-hearted, fun, and well-conceived science fiction future.

Only She Can Save the World. 

Eighteen-year-old Jarra has a lot to prove. After being awarded one of the military’s highest honors for her role in a daring rescue attempt, she finds herself—and her Ape status—in the spotlight. Jarra is one of the unlucky few born with an immune system that cannot survive on other planets. Derided as an “ape”—a “throwback”—by the rest of the universe, she is on a mission to prove that Earth Girls are just as good as anyone else.

Except now the planet she loves is under threat by what could be humanity’s first ever alien contact. Jarra’s bravery—and specialist knowledge—will once again be at the center of the maelstrom, but will the rest of the universe consider Earth worth fighting for?

Age Range: 12 and up / Grade Level: 7 and up

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00