In His Sights

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In His Sights

A Sugarland Blue Novel, #3

This was a really moving story. Robyn is a strong woman and a doctor whose focus is on working and doing what’s best for her daughter Maddy. She’s a little weary of men and love in particular because her husband Greg put her through emotional hell. He was clinically depressed when she met him but since his family thought he was doing better, they didn’t tell her. He wound up killing himself when Maddy was five and leaving Robyn in debt for a 4-million-dollar house, among other things. She moved to start over and gets a kick in the head when she meets Chris on the street talking to her daughter.

Chris is a detective who had been feeling under the weather lately. A simple walk takes everything out of him and on top of that there have been a series of unexplained heart attacks. When Maddy comes up to him and asks if he’s ok, he falls in love and even more so when he looks into the cautious and distrustful eyes of her mother. They soon find out he’s been poisoned and would have died if not for his partner Tonio.

Really amazing story and I loved every bit of it. The fact that Robyn was willing to trust Chris with not only her life story but her precious cargo, Maddy, was truly amazing. Mothers have that natural instinct to want to protect their children but she was willing to give Chris a chance. The fact that she did tells a lot about him and herself. Their story and how they became a family was truly a sight to see, or in my case, read. It’s not just a romance but a thriller as well when you throw in the people being poisoned and find out not only who is doing it but why as well.

Book Blurb for In His Sights

From the author of Hot Pursuit and the Firefighters of Station Five novels...

When a dangerous criminal targets those whom Sugarland detective Chris Ford holds dear, nothing will stop him from hunting down his man.

Chris is one the best and brightest at the Sugarland PD, but lately a mysterious illness has him struggling to get through the day. When his symptoms land him in the care of brilliant and sexy Dr. Robyn Lassiter, Chris realizes that he is the latest victim in a rash of mysterious poisonings in the area most of them fatal. Figuring out who’s causing the fatal outbreak has become a very personal and deadly race against time.

Despite battling her own personal demons and painful past, Dr. Robyn Lassiter can’t fight her attraction to her new patient. But as she struggles to help Chris track down the sick mind behind the deaths, she’s not only at risk of losing her heart but of falling headlong into a lethal plot that could take her life.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50