To Wed the Earl

A Regency Novella

To Wed the Earl by Anthea Lawson is one of those novellas that is complete as it is, but it’s so well written, and the characters are so charming, that you can’t help but wish that it would go on for a little longer. Lawson has a perfect voice for historical romance, interspersing just enough historical detail and description to paint the landscape and setting without slowing the pace of the story. I loved the fact that she could pack lovable (and some not so lovable) characters, intense romantic attraction, and a bit of suspense into the space of a tantalizing novella. To Wed the Earl is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic appetizer that is as satisfying as a whole meal. I look forward to more historical romance from Anthea Lawson.

Miranda Price fancied Edward Havens, Earl of Edgerton, as a child, but now she loathes him and his rakish ways. When she is asked to use her proficiency for mathematics to help untangle his estate’s account books, she finds more than she bargained for, enough to put her very life in danger. And with the necessary proximity to Edward, she finds that her heart is might just be in danger as well.

Book Blurb for To Wed the Earl

Miss Miranda Price detests her neighbor Edward Havens, the rakish Earl of Edgerton - but when he catches her breaking into his library at midnight, secrets are revealed that will change the course of their lives... forever.

Sensuality level: SWEETLY WARM - kisses only.

This regency-set novella is 21,500 words (around 70 pages). 


Also includes the first chapter of Anthea's RITA-nominated historical novel, PASSIONATE. *Note* This story is also included in Anthea's Kisses and Rogues anthology of four regency stories & novellas, available at Amazon.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00