Costume Ball

Jennifer and Gage fell in love via snail mail. Starting as pen pals they evolved as they shared their secrets and dreams using the written word. Gage has a picture (although his friends rib him that she probably doesn’t look anything like the picture), but Jennifer does not. When Gage receives a “Dear John” letter he is determined to find out what he did wrong and fix it. Having never met he tracks Jennifer down using his skills acquired as a Marine and once he locates her he begins his mission of winning her back. Now he just has to figure out how.

Scarred in a car accident, Jennifer cuts Gage loose, figuring he wouldn’t want to be tied to an “ugly” woman. Jennifer sent mixed signals; volunteering to the point of receiving an award and then being so insecure she styles her hair to hide her face. While I enjoyed the romance and steamy sex, I was a little disappointed in Jennifer. When confronted on how she would act if Gage came back scarred or worse she finally straightened up and stopped the pity party. It takes more than looks to make a relationship since looks fade. Gage is a keeper, but I think he could have done better.

Book Blurb for Costume Ball

Jennifer Goodwin is recovering from a traumatic car accident that’s left her scarred, inside and out. Her sexy Marine pen pal haunts her dreams and has her heart racing, but she’s dumped him anyway, afraid of his pity. A costume ball gives her the chance to come out of her shell while hiding her face, and the hot sailor who approaches her tempts her to indulge in a night of forbidden passion.

Gage Brewer is on a mission, despite being on leave from the Marines. He’s determined to confront the woman who befriended him while he was deployed and find out why she left him. Once he’s claimed her body, maybe he can win back her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50