Can't Stop Lovin' You

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Can't Stop Lovin' You

Maverick Junction, #3

"Can't Stop Lovin' You" by Lynnette Austin is another sweet contemporary romance in her beautifully written 'Maverick Junction' series. In this, book number three in the series, the story is of Brawley and Maggie. Brawley had left town to attend college in Dallas, leaving his girlfriend so that she would go and pursue her career that she loved which involved designing her fashions. But the question is, was that the right move for Brawley to leave because after he leaves we find that Maggie has discovered she is...well, I don't want to spoil it for you so you will have to read the story to find this out.

Now, Brawley has returned to his hometown of 'Maverick Junction' and he seems to want to pick up where he left off with Maggie. However, it has been ten years and Maggie has moved on with her life and is now planning to move to a new life with her fashion career in New York.

Brawley is back in town to take over retired Doc Gibson's vet practice. What happens when the table is turned for Brawley now that Maggie leaves for New York? What will happen as these two go back and forth with many twists and turns that will leave you wondering if they will be able to talk and come to the right decision or whether they will be able to forgive each other in this heart-wrenching story. In the end this author gives the reader a interesting story all the way to the end.

"Can't Stop Lovin' You" is the third in this series and can be read as a stand alone but to really understand the whole story in this town of 'Maverick Junction' I definitely recommend that you read books 1 and 2 also.

Book Blurb for Can't Stop Lovin' You

CAN'T STOP LOVIN' YOU pits handsome, cantankerous veterinarian Brawley Odell against hometown girl Maggie Sullivan. When asked to design heiress Annelise Montjoy's wedding gown, Maggie views it as her golden ticket out of Maverick Junction. At every turn, though, she bumps into Brawley, her high school sweetheart. He'd left her for college and a career in Dallas. But, now, country right down to the tips of his cowboy boots, he's returned to take over old Doc Gibson's practice while Maggie longs to escape to New York City's fashion district. Brawley's never stopped loving Maggie. Can he talk her into hanging around long enough to give him a second chance? Long enough to talk her into designing a dress for her own wedding-to him?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00