Secrets of the Truth

Meridienne Drake Series

Secrets of the Truth is a well thought out and well written first novel. Its intended audience is 12 and up. It manages to avoid adult themes, which is a relief when trying to find a book to recommend for a pre to early teen. It deals with realistic early teen reactions and realistic issues, while not just fantasy issues. I recommend this for people that liked Eregon and Harry Potter type books.

Book Blurb for Secrets of the Truth

When trying to find out who you are, you may just get more than you bargained.

Meridienne Drake thought she had it all figured out, but her parents had other plans for her. Thrown on a plane to Portland, Oregon to spend the summer with family she never knew existed, Meridienne realizes she didn't know the people who raised her at all. More than that, strange things are beginning to happen to her.

Meridienne wants to be anything other than strange especially when her summer begins to take a turn for the better because of Will, the mysterious new boy. But the strange and unusual just keep occurring until she discovers an even bigger secret. Magic. Her fourteenth birthday reveals secrets and realities that Meridienne had only dreamed about, literally. Will Meridienne accept this secret life and face what comes with that? Or, is all this heat too much for her?

"Secrets of the truth. It felt like my entire life was suddenly full of secrets."

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00