• On Sep 01, 2013, Mellowz Ere said: Awesome.

    I found a lot of new authors and books I can't wait to start reading..... Bring it on.

  • On Sep 01, 2013, CrystalBee said: Extra Entries


    Facebook: (I liked the contest)


  • On Sep 01, 2013, Tina B said: Must Read for Me

    I am really looking forward to reading Prince of Shadows!

    Though there are several that I found that I am adding to my TBR list. :)

  • On Aug 31, 2013, RJsMommy said: A must-read....

    Casey Dawes "California Homecoming" has piqued my interest. I'm a sucker for romances with disabled war veterans...

  • On Aug 31, 2013, lkayme said: Nefertiri's Heart

    Definitely interested in this, a must read!

  • On Aug 31, 2013, BookLiaison said: Must Read

    I've found so many books that I want to read, but my Must Read would be Moonlight by Lisa Kessler!

  • On Aug 31, 2013, Beccasmom said: New book

    Im going to read Diary of a vampire stripper, looks like a funny read!!!

  • On Aug 31, 2013, cocobabydoll said: Yay

    yipee...cant wait to see if i won :) goodluck to everyone...

  • On Aug 31, 2013, CrystalBee said: Scavenger Hunt - SO MANY WANTS!

    I just sent in my entry form and just like last time, I found so many new authors and books to add to my ever growing TBR. The book I really, really want Nicky Penttila's Out of her Comfort Zone. I love atheletes!

  • On Aug 31, 2013, BlueGray said: Scavenger Hunt

    Melody Anne -Surrender

  • On Aug 30, 2013, avonsherry said: book I like from summerfun scavenger hunt

    I added God's assassin to my Amazon wishlist. there are other but this is the 1st.

  • On Aug 30, 2013, Penumbra said: Added to Wish List

    I found a book that looks good. It's "Acceptance' by Starla Kaye

  • On Aug 30, 2013, mbowie said: Several Titles to the Wish List

    I actually added a total of 9 books to my wishlist because of this hunt. So many sounded really interesting. I really want to read Spring Training by Parker Kincade, though.

  • On Aug 30, 2013, Hotcha said: SCAVENGER HUNT


  • On Aug 30, 2013, ELF said: So many titles to add to the TBR tower!

    Looking forward to reading Sabrina York's Rebound, Nancy Gideon's Prince of Shadows and many of the others. Thanks once again for a fabulous hunt that showcases so many wonderful titles! Your hard work and the authors' generosity is greatly appreciated.

  • On Aug 30, 2013, EricaPike said: I Like 'Em Pretty

    Haven't read any of these, but the one I must read out of these - and obviously I'm going to choose an M/M - is "I Like 'Em Pretty" by Michael Mandrake :)

  • On Aug 29, 2013, lindahl said: Must Read Find

    Nefertiti's Heart is one of many I found.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, kumquat said: Must Read

    There are quite a few but I would start with Drawing the Line by Kimberly Kincaid.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, carlton said: Scavenger Hunt

    Marooned with the Millionaire by Sandra Bunino was one book out of many that caught my attention.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, Connie Terpstra Dowell said: Hunted

    Just received a note on facebook about this authors new release this fall of "Shadowed". I went to visit her and found a book I can't wait to get. "Hunted". HOLY BUCKETS!!!!

  • On Aug 29, 2013, EryWhitt said: scavenger hunt finds

    Acceptance by Starla Kaye and Twice Tempted by Susan Arden are must reads for me

  • On Aug 29, 2013, orchdlady said: Scavenger Hunt Finds

    The book Nefertiti's Heart by A. W. Exley looks very interesting. Lots of books to explore and read in the hunt.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, mnmjones said: My must read

    Lycan Redemption by S K Yule and

    Lick is a Four-Letter Word by Erin M. Leaf

    are just 2 of the must reads I found doing the scavenger hunt.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, Rhianona said: Must read

    A.C. Ellas - Zotien's First Law sounds really exciting and is among the books that I find to be must reads.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, Connie Terpstra Dowell said: Storm Warrior

    This was a tremendous place I discovered to find new authors works I would like to try. I found many that appealed to me but first I believe I will try Storm Warrior By Dani Harper. I LOVE a sexy historical romance!!!! Thanks, Connie

  • On Aug 29, 2013, Grampy said: My Must Read

    Nefertiti's Heart, by A.W. Exley is my first "must read" choice, but it's certainly not the only one!

  • On Aug 29, 2013, zuagy said: Summer Fun

    Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman sounds like a fun read. I wonder how Luke will prove to Sela that he has changed.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, MichelleD said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Great mix of authors - some new to me! Diary of a Vampire Stripper by Cinsearae S sounds like a hoot! Joya Fields' Altered Frequency has some promising reviews, too.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, lewmm said: Treasuring Theresa

    I am a big fan of Regency Romances, and this book by Susana Ellis sounds like a must-read to me. Can't wait.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, SmurfetteV said: My must read

    Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies

  • On Aug 29, 2013, bncandg said: Goddess legacy by M.W. Muse

    would like to read Goddess legacy by M.W. Muse

  • On Aug 29, 2013, proudarmymom said: Must Read

    I want to read A Soul For Vengeance by Crista McHugh.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, kadj said: kadj

    Want to read The Highlander's Triumph by Eliza Knight and Lycan Redemption by S.K. Yule.

  • On Aug 29, 2013, Martha said: Scavenger Hunt

    Moonlight by Lisa Kessler is the one I'm most interested in!!

  • On Aug 27, 2013, maureence said: Scavenger Hunt

    Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman is a must read I found during the hunt.

  • On Aug 27, 2013, rochi said: Great Books!

    I have read some of the books on this list like moonlight by Lissa Kessler, which I loved so much I bought the sequel. I have also read the Stafford Collection by Lynn Hubbard and it was great!!

  • On Aug 27, 2013, Katherine W said: So many to choose from!

    I think that I'd first want to read Dani Harper's Storm Warrior!

  • On Aug 26, 2013, jackier said: Jennifer Faye!

    I NEED to read Rancher to the Rescue so much! Looks like a wonderful book!!!

  • On Aug 26, 2013, booksforme said: SOoo many great books!

    Thanks for the introduction to so many great books. I really want to read Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies! I'm on a romance zombie book roll right now!

  • On Aug 25, 2013, CrystalDark said: Great Giveaway!

    Sea God's Siren looks like an interesting book and the cover really grabbed my attention.

  • On Aug 25, 2013, KristenFaro said: found many new books

    Where to start, I found a quite a few books I really want, Dani Harper Storm Warrior and George Naas God's Assassin oh I could go on, Cinsearae S. I really want to check our the Abraxes series. I love Melody Anne too, I read her Midnight Fire books. so many books too little time.

  • On Aug 25, 2013, greenshamrock said: :) :) :)

    So many great books and authors... some must haves for me are Tessa Stockton's Sea God's Siren & Sabrina York's Rebound!!!

  • On Aug 25, 2013, castlefan said: Fun Hunt

    Sea God's Siren looks interesting

  • On Aug 24, 2013, shrinky said: Fun hunt!

    Storm Warrior by Dani Harper is on my list of books to read

  • On Aug 24, 2013, denisek said: wow

    I don't remember if I commented or not but this is a great give away and I also found some great authors

  • On Aug 23, 2013, nidabland said: Rafe, yummy

    Surrender from Melody Anne is definitely a must read. The whole series looks so good!!

  • On Aug 23, 2013, natbro said: Summer Hunt

    Adding her series to my tbr next list. Cinsearae S. - Diary of a Vampire Stripper

  • On Aug 21, 2013, Flybell said: great hunt

    I added a lot of books to my list a couple being; Becky Banks - The Legend of Lady MacLaoch and S.K. Yule - Lycan Redemption.

  • On Aug 21, 2013, AMaireDinsmore said: MY tagged must read!

    Nefertiti's Heart by A.W. Exley looks so intriguing that I am definitely adding it to my to-read list!

  • On Aug 20, 2013, Shadow said: Hop!

    There are so many good books! My wishlist grew by leaps and bounds! A couple are Sea God's Siren by Tessa Stockton, Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman and Lycan Redemption by S.K. Yule. Thank you!!! Ya all are awesome!

  • On Aug 18, 2013, MissMelib said: Love the Hunts!

    I have added several books to my list. One is Robin Bielman - Kissing the Maid of Honor. Thanks again for the hunt!!

  • On Aug 11, 2013, Tara W said: Summer Fun

    Awesome hunt! I found new authors and added new books to my wishlist. A must read is Storm Warrior by Dani Harper.

    I tweeted.

    I pinned.

    Posted on FB.

  • On Aug 11, 2013, PamCraig said: A lot of them look good.

    I especially want to read Prince of Shadows by Nancy Gideon, Lycan Redemption by S.K. Yule, California Homecoming by Casey Dawes, and Kissing the Maid of Honor by Robin Bielman.

  • On Aug 11, 2013, Michelle Willms said: The Beckoning of Beautiful Things

    The Beckoning of Beautiful Things by Calinda B. is a definite must read. A strong heroine, her brave dog by her side, and passion galore, create a novel beyond compare. I must read this one.

  • On Aug 10, 2013, michelleb said: So much fun.

    I am excited about Lisa Kessler and Dani Harper's books. These ladies rock.

  • On Aug 10, 2013, Gwendy said: So many books!!

    I could sit here and say every book I am now uber excited to read. (Seriously, Soo many!!) But for everyone's sake and my own, I'm going to only list two. I have got to read Dani Harper's new series. Love her! And because I'm such a shifter girl one of the shifter stories I'm excited to read is Raven's Kiss by Toni Lotempio

  • On Aug 09, 2013, Monica said: Extra entry

    I'm getting books by Nancy Gideon, Lisa Kessler, Susana Ellis and Nicky Penttila because of the hunt. There are others I like too, but the monthly budget is blown!

  • On Aug 06, 2013, Cambear said: Fun intro to new titles!

    I am looking forward to Kimberly Dean's Maxie since Lexxie was so much fun.

  • On Aug 04, 2013, Evampire said: Calinda B

    I am in the middle of A Beckoning of Beautiful Things and I agree I love it too!

  • On Aug 04, 2013, theeternalscribe said: A Book that will have you raving over it.

    I read A Beckoning of Beautiful Things by Calinda B a while back, and just loved it.

  • On Aug 03, 2013, arlenadean said: arlenadean

    I have plans to read the follow novels: Ann Swann's ..'Stutter Creek.' Love's Justice by Rionna Morgan.

    Ladd Fortune by Dianne Venetta. Crime of Fashion by Karen Cote.

    Surrender by Melody Anne. Fair Play, by Janna Shay. Drawing The Line by Kimberly Kincaid. The Highlander's Triumph, by Eliza Knight. Italian Affair by Anne Seaton. Cera's Place by Elizabeth McKenna. Reprieve by Scarlett Scott. Twice Tempted by Susan Arden. and Playing the Part by Robin Covington

  • On Aug 03, 2013, BeckiWyer said: My Recommendation

    I've just read "The Beckoning of Beautiful Things" by Calinda B. I highly recommend it.

  • On Aug 03, 2013, KatrinaH said: Top of TBR list...

    I'm reading Beckoning of Beautiful Things by Calinda B so I guess It;s moved off the TBR list.

  • On Aug 03, 2013, blackcrystal said: My book find

    I would love to read The Beckoning of Beautiful Things by Calinda B.

  • On Jul 30, 2013, Bounce Around Book Luvr said: My book find share ~

    I think I am most excited about a "new" Series I found by Lia Davis - Ashwood Falls - I can not wait to read it!

  • On Jul 29, 2013, annie said: Storm Warrior

    I want to read Dani Harper's Storm Warrior.

    Also interested in the following books: The Matchmaker's Mark by Regan Black; Read Obsession by Sharon Buchbinder and enjoyed it. Found it during this Scavenger Hunt. Would like to read Cera Place by Elizabeth McKenna

  • On Jul 28, 2013, Sable said: Prince of Shadows

    Want to read Nancy Gideon's Prince of Shadows

  • On Jul 28, 2013, Lumanesce said: NOR Contest - Must Read

    Lisa Kessler's Moonlight looks really great! I love shifter romances. Of course, there are several others that look amazing too!

  • On Jul 23, 2013, Ingeborg said: NOR Contest

    I'm looking forward to reading Altered Frequency by Joya Fields, it sounds like a good book.

  • On Jul 22, 2013, suzyrph said: NOR Contest

    I also pinned and suggest that your read Altered Frequency.

  • On Jul 22, 2013, suzyrph said: NOR Contest

    Love these contests, bought a lot of books, now to read them.

    TW & FB

  • On Jul 21, 2013, AshKrafton said: Tweeting

  • On Jul 21, 2013, AshKrafton said: Facebook share!

  • On Jul 21, 2013, AshKrafton said: Tweeting...

  • On Jul 21, 2013, AshKrafton said: Must Read!

    Sky Purington's Highland Persuasion is at the top of my list!

  • On Jul 18, 2013, dustystar said: Scavenger hunt

    all done, Love all the new authors. Have some of my favorites.

  • On Jul 18, 2013, Sherry said: Must read

    I can't wait to read Acceptance by Starla Kaye it sounds like a very good book.

  • On Jul 17, 2013, DrRob said: Summer Scavenger Hunt "Must Read"

    Passionate Encounters by Tory Richards is my Must Read selection. Finding Love when you're not looking storylines are always enjoyable to me

  • On Jul 15, 2013, shalyramirez said: Must Read (Scavenger Hunt)

    Melody Anne - Surrender

    Her books are so wonderfully written, when you get so angry or hurt or happy at a character, feel as if its happening to you, then you have a MUST READ AUTHOR..that's Melody Anne!

  • On Jul 12, 2013, hshelley said: A must read I found during the junt

    Lick is a Four Letter Word by Erin M Leaf

  • On Jul 12, 2013, Brandi said: Must Read for Me

    A must read that I found during the hunt is Lycan Redemption by S. K. Yule because I loved the other books in this series!

  • On Jul 11, 2013, anita said: Books.................

    1. Night Warrior, Dani Harper

    2. Treasuring Theresa, Susana Ellis

    Thanks for the contest!!!!!!

    Pat C.

  • On Jul 10, 2013, CEWTNK said: Must Read!

    Goddess Legacy by MW Muse...Never heard of her but it sounds great!!

  • On Jul 09, 2013, EvaM said: Scavenger Hunt

    Must read: The Stafford Collection by Lynn Hubbard, Treasuring Theresa by Susana Ellis, Highland Persuasion by Sky Purington.

  • On Jul 09, 2013, french vanilla said: Summer Fun

    Loved the scavenger hunt and all the great reads. My must read would be Nefertiti's Heart by A W Exley. I love how she puts in an Egyptian twist into the book. I was always interested in the Egyptians when I was in school too. I would love to learn how to read hieroglyphics.

  • On Jul 08, 2013, SteelerGirl said: Contest

    Want to read The Matchmaker's Mark by Regan Black

  • On Jul 06, 2013, JackieW said: a must read

    I am looking forward to reading Eliza Knight's The Highlanders Triumph. What a fun contest.

  • On Jul 06, 2013, katz said: Scavenger Hunt Summer Fun

    Treasuring Theresa by Susana Ellis is a must read for me.

  • On Jul 05, 2013, slinkydennis said: Contest

    I can't wait to read Moonlight by Lisa Kessler

  • On Jul 05, 2013, Missyb0103 said: Contest

    +1 post on my fb

    +1 for comment

    Nancy Gideon- Prince of shadows. Awesome book and anything of hers I will read!

  • On Jul 05, 2013, taurus said: Must read

    Can't wait to read Dani Harper's STORM WARRIOR!

  • On Jul 04, 2013, WildFlower said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt 2013

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This!! Thank you NOR and all the authors for bringing this awesome and SO much fun scavenger hunt!! :) What great finds tonight!! Choosing just ONE book, lol. Not possible....My TBR list is HUGE now!!

    1. Hands down the "Surrender" series by Author Melody Anne is a MUST read, but I've read that and reading "Submit" so one I haven't read??? LOL.....ALL of them, however Sarah Grimm "Not Without Risk"

    Joya Fields had me at the word ghost in the synopsis of "Altered Frequency" and Janna Shay with "Fair Play". This was easily the hardest choice to put just one and I could add SO many more. Sorry about that, lol. I tried.....they all look awesome!!

    2. Tweeted:


    3. Facebook:

    Melissa Price iorio

    4. Pinned:

    Melissa iorio

    Thank you so much for the awesome scavenger hunt!! So many great books to check out!! :) *YAY* Good Luck & Have fun, Everyone!! :)

  • On Jul 04, 2013, Laurie P said: S. K. Yule's Lycan

    series is one I want to read. I've shared on Facebook, Pinterest and Tweeter.

  • On Jul 03, 2013, Relklaf said: Scavenger Hunt

    I would like to read Spring Training by Parker Kincade.

    Love these scavenger hunts!

  • On Jul 02, 2013, Skorbelik said: Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt 2013 Entra Entry

    Although there are many books I would love to read from this scavenger hunt, if I had to pick just one book that I must read it would have to be Moonlight by Lisa Kessler.

  • On Jul 02, 2013, Herding Cats said: ooo

    Oh my must read on the list is Kimberly Kincaid's Drawing the Line. LOVE her books!

  • On Jul 01, 2013, Dove Feaether said: A Mating Dance

    Have read it and love it

  • On Jun 29, 2013, Jannie said: I found a great new book to read

    in the Scavenger Hunt by Eliza Knight called The Highlander's Triumph!

  • On Jun 29, 2013, annieo said: annieo

    I am excited to see a new book by Nancy Gideon! Yea! Prince of Shadows

  • On Jun 27, 2013, Tammywar said: Extra Entry -Must Read

    There so many must reads i would like to read..but the one that i Must Read.. is Surrender by Melody Anne.

  • On Jun 26, 2013, tsommervold said: extra entry - must read

    My TBR list just got a whole lot fuller. Looking forward to Surrender by Melody Anne.

  • On Jun 26, 2013, AquarianDancer said: Tessa Stockton -Sea God's Siren

    I'd like to try Tessa Stockton's 'Sea God's Siren.'

  • On Jun 25, 2013, Bmhy said: Must Read

    So many wonderful books! One of my must reads is Prince of Shadows by Nancy Gideon. Thanks for sponsoring this fantastic scavenger hunt.

  • On Jun 25, 2013, SandyM said: I think...

    that California Homecoming by Casey Dawes sounds very intriguing.

    I tweeted the contest:

    and Liked the contest at FB.

  • On Jun 25, 2013, jmcgaugh said: Must Read

    Eliza Knight's The Highlander's Triumph is a newly discovered must read.

  • On Jun 23, 2013, Janiec said: Extra Entry

    I tweeted.

  • On Jun 23, 2013, ehouston said: Must Read find

    I found several but the one that stands out is "Nefertiti's Heart" by A. W. Exley. Mix together lost artifacts, unexplained

    murders and unanswered questions and I'm hooked.

  • On Jun 23, 2013, Sandiebuck said: My "Must Read Find"

    I found quite a few books, but the one that stood out for me was S. K. Yule's Lycan Redemption. I love her books!!!!

  • On Jun 21, 2013, Janiec said: Must Read

    One book that I discovered as a must read is Sabrina York's "Rebound." I love friends to lovers stories.

  • On Jun 21, 2013, JeanMP said: NOR Fun books

    Jax and the Beanstalk and Rebound are just a couple of the books I want to read

  • On Jun 21, 2013, griffinsgma said: Should've Known Better

    Oh, boy, more new authors to try! Should've Known Better by Cassandra Carr looks interesting.

  • On Jun 21, 2013, MsRomanticReads said: NOR is feeding my addiction!

    I always find a whole list of new books that I want to read, and I see some I've heard of from others since ... forever ago that I have to read during NOR's Scavenger Hunts. This time around, I added way too many books to my TBR list to list here, and I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out :) Thank you to all the authors for their generosity!


    FB Page:

    FB Profile:

  • On Jun 20, 2013, Sylvie said: NOR Must Reads!

    Thanks so much for having this contest! There are several books I found that I have to read. Among them are Special Offers by M.L. Ryan (love the premise!), Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies by Avery Flynn (awesome title!) and Nightfall by Norah Wilson (I'm a sucker for a good vampire story!)

  • On Jun 20, 2013, Denise Z said: Must Reads

    There are several titles here that I really really want to read including; Cinsearae S. - Diary of a Vampire Stripper;Dani Harper - Storm Warrior; M.L. Ryan - Special Offers; DC Juris - Bad Moon Rising - there are certainly more and a couple of these are on the wishlist and others are being added. Thank you for introducing me to new (to me) reads and authors to follow :)

  • On Jun 19, 2013, SuzReadsBooks said: Must Read Find from Hunt

    I saw quite a few that look great but I most want to read The Matchmaker's Mark by Regan Black!

  • On Jun 19, 2013, Rockchick said: NOR Summer fun book I want to read

    Rush by Joan Swan.

  • On Jun 17, 2013, DanaG said: NOR Summer fun book I want to read

    is Midnight Fire by Melody Anne.

    I have read other books of hers and I really enjoyed the story lines and characters.

  • On Jun 17, 2013, Donna A said: NOR Summer Fun book I want to read

    I think Declan Sands Hoaley Inexplicable is a MUST read. This scavenger hunt has been a blast.

  • On Jun 17, 2013, Heathermuzz said: #NORSummerFun book I want to read

    I want to read Storm Warrior by Dani Harper, January Black by Wendy S. Russo, Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse, and so many more. tweeted @5_girls, posted on facebook, pinned All set and thanks for such an awesomely fun giveaway!!

  • On Jun 17, 2013, SandyH said: New authors!!-

    great way to find new if i can only find the time to read some of them! Maybe if I win.... :>)

  • On Jun 16, 2013, closkot said: Extra Entry comment

    +1 - I found several must reads which I pinned in my wishlist on Pinterest (

    M.W. Muse - Goddess Bound

    Toni LoTempio - Raven's Quest

    Suzanne M. Sabol - Sliver of Silver

    Dani Harper - Storm Warrior (also tweeted this one :))

    +1 Tweeted the giveaway -

    +1 Facebook share -

    +1 Pinned the giveaway -

    I hope I remembered everything :)

    Cassandra :)

  • On Jun 16, 2013, Renald said: book

    I like , Treasuring Theresa ,by Susana Ellis.

  • On Jun 16, 2013, KChorak said: Must Read

    Rancher To The Rescue by Jennifer Faye is a must read for me. I love anything with cowboys.

  • On Jun 16, 2013, princesslissa said: A Must Read

    I found a must read on the summer fun scavenger hunt. Goddess legacy by M W Muse.

  • On Jun 16, 2013, Kareninnc said: Thanks

    +1 I found Treasuring Theresa by Susana Ellis.

    +1 I posted on Facebook:

    +1 I Tweeted:

  • On Jun 16, 2013, biancale said: Sandra Lee

    My must read from the summer fun list is Surrender by Melody Anne. I have read all of her books and recommend all to read them.

  • On Jun 16, 2013, LeeErin said: Summer Fun Must Reads

    My must reads are The Stafford Collection by Lynn Hubbard and "Highland Persuasion" by Sky Purington. These look fantastic!

  • On Jun 16, 2013, carme said: TBR

    I am looking forward to reading Playing the Part by Darcy Daniel

  • On Jun 15, 2013, DelAnne said: Can't Choose Just One...

    Maxie By Kimberly Dean and Moonlight by Lissa Keller will definitely be on my reading list this summer.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, Delanna said: You can only pick one?

    Alright, her is my choice for a Summer read. "Moonlight" by Lisa Kessler. I have already purchased some of the other choices I can guarantee there is more than one I will be getting more than just "Moonlight".

  • On Jun 15, 2013, MarcyWho said: TBR authors

    Wow, i have a list - ranging from steampunk to historical romance to paranormal . But the top of it is Elizabeth McKenna - Cera's Place should be best seller - just a great story. but here are the new authors added to my TBR list - Robin Bielman,Cinsearae S, Rionna Morgan, Regan Black, Massimo Mrino, Kimberly Kincaid, Wendy Russo, Eliza Knight, Sharon Buchbinder Rebecca Trogner, casey dawes, ann swann, becky banks, aw exley, jennifer faye darcy daniel. there is something for everyone in this list of authors. have fun reading this summer, i know i will!

  • On Jun 15, 2013, blakesmomma said: Must Read

    My must read find is Nightfall by Norah Wilson.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, byrnemanis said: So Many Choices

    I found several books that I'm adding to my TBR list. A.W.Exley's Nefertiti's Heart sounds interesting. Dani Harper's Storm Warrior, M. W. Muse's Goddess Legacy. Too many choices, I'll just have to read more.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, jennlynn said: Must Read

    I am going read to Not Without Risk by Sarah Grimm (already bought it), Rebound by Sabrina York, and Moonlight by Lisa Kessler.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, VidaB said: New Authors I Found

    The ones I found are Lisa Kessler -Moonlight, Tory Richards -Passionate Encounters, Spring Training  by Parker Kincade, The Best Man by Adriana

  • On Jun 15, 2013, sbooks said: Lots of Authors like-linked

    SA Printer is where to check.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, fangswandsfairy said: MUST READ

    Dani Harper's Storm Warrior I love Dani's books they are fantastic and fresh!


  • On Jun 15, 2013, Trix said: TBR choices

    I have Michael Mandrake's I LIKE 'EM PRETTY ready to go, and I'm eager to read Cassandra Carr's SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER and Starla Kaye's ACCEPTANCE.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, BookAttict said: I added a BUNCH to my TBR List!!

    SO want to read Storm Warrior by Dani Harper (because I LOVE all her work!), A Soul for Vengeance by Crista McHugh, Rebound by Sabrina York, Surrender by Melody Anne and God's Assassin by George Naas. I think I added around 10 others to my list as well. Thanks for yet another amazing giveaway!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com




  • On Jun 15, 2013, belgre said: One of the new authors I Found during the Scavenger Hunt

    The Best Man by Adriana Kraft. I liked the idea of an older couple finding love and also navigating the same conflicts and doubts as a younger couple. The fact that grown kids are included is awesome. The blurb hooked me. If I don't win the book during the contest I'll be buying it.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, LadyWolf said: Found a new book to read!

    I found a new author that I would love to read. Zotien's First Law by A.C. Ellas sounds like a book I would love. I enjoy finding new books and authors to read!

  • On Jun 15, 2013, ailiekong said: Must read

    Crista McHugh - A Soul For Vengeance is a must read! It's the third book from her soulbearer trilogy!

  • On Jun 15, 2013, arlenadean said: Another Scavenger Hunt

    I love it!

  • On Jun 15, 2013, ldewispelare said: Kissing the Maid of Honor

    I love romances, and this 1 sounds really good.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, LisaJoli said: Suggesting Nightfall

    I am suggesting Nightfall for others to read. It sounds like a book I would really enjoy.

  • On Jun 15, 2013, melissakeir said: Dying to read Gideon

    I have been a huge Nancy Gideon Fan and I can't wait to read her latest shadows book!

  • On Jun 15, 2013, Bertie said: The Stafford Collection by Lynn Hubbard love herb books

    really upset here, had the form all completed and ready to go. It then ask what book I found that I would like to read or something like that. I clicked on the link and guess what????? everything went caput. I now have to go back and fill in the form again.

    But here are the books ( it is a collection) that I would love to read.

  • On Jun 10, 2013, leemans said: Found Some Great Authors in Scanvenger Hung

    I am so excited when I find new authors. This scavenger hunt was a great way to be able to do that. I found a couple of authors, Nora Wilson and Becky Banks who I am anxious to check out.

  • On Jun 09, 2013, pansypetal said: Love the scavenger hunts

    I always find new authors to read and of course lots of books. This time I tagged two MUST READS. Surrender by Melody Anne and The Legend of Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks. Thank you so much for the fun and introducing me to new authors.

  • On Jun 02, 2013, Kareninnc said: Thanks

    Love these scavenger hunt much fun. Great prizes too.