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Interview By: Tamazon

Date: December 01, 2012

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Current Release: Love at First Snow

Describe your current release in two sentences?

Four years ago, NHL defenseman Blake Daniels lost his entire family in a floatplane crash. This Christmas a snowstorm and a small gray kitten will lead him to life, love and a whole new shot at happiness.

What have you had to give up to pursue your writing career?

I've given up riding and competing horses in my spare time. I've also cut back on the amount of socializing that I do. All in all, it's worth it to get my career to where I want it to be.

What are you working on?

Down by Contact is book 3 in my Seattle Lumberjacks Football Series. It's about 3/4 done and will be released in early 2013. After that I plan to write a short story featuring Rachel's brother, Mitch, who was introduced in book 1 of the Lumberjacks series. I have several other possible Lumberjacks books in my head along with a completed rough draft of a small town series.

What is your ultimate writing goal?

My ultimate goal is to build my readership by writing books that keep readers coming back for more and creating characters that stay with a reader long after they've finished the book. In the process, I'd like to make a few of the big bestseller lists.

Do you have a comfort food? What is it?

BBQ potato chips!!!!

Where is your favorite place to write?

I like to sit in the rocking chair in the living room in the corner by two sets of two-story windows that look out onto the front yard and the woods.

What career fields have you worked in?

I was a high school business teacher for eight years. For the post couple decades I've worked in computer support. I love my day job even though it gets hectic at times.

What are your plans for the next year? Any books you are looking forward to?

I'm really looking forward to publishing 2-3 more full-length Lumberjacks books and possibly a few related short stories. I'm also looking forward to the unveiling of a new blog called "Romancing the Jock." We have almost 20 sports romance authors who will be contributing each month. Our focus will be on the sports we love as female fans.

How was your road to publication?

I started writing for publication almost ten years ago. I sold my first book to Siren Publishing almost five years ago.

Since then I've written about 16 books as Jami and another more erotic pen name.

If you could time travel, where would you travel to and why?

I'd travel 100 years into the future. I'd love to see where we're going rather than where we've been. Plus, I've always been a bit of a closet Trekkie.

If you could live in a world created by an author, which book / world would you jump into?

That's a tough one. There are so many to choose from. Off the top of my head, these series come to mind: Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series because I love small towns and I love the state of Washington.

Lori Wilde's Jubilee, Texas, series because it's set around the cutting horse world. Riding a cutting horse has been a dream of mine.

Candis Terry's Sugar Shack series because Deer Lick, Montana, reads like my kind of town.

I am so happy to be writing what I love to write, and I'm also thrilled to have found a publisher who believes in me and my writing. I'm excited to see more Lumberjacks books on the virtual shelves next year. I'm open for suggestions from readers on what player to feature next, even if he doesn't exist yet.

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