• On Feb 20, 2015, Martha said: Terry Spear contest

    Dragons are my very favorite, but not enough of them!! So I would go with any kind of cat shifter.

  • On Feb 19, 2015, Caitlinallycesmum said: Shifters

    I just love any shifter types, I can not get enough of them

  • On Feb 18, 2015, nightowlinil said: shapeshifter

    Who's my favorite fictional shapeshifter?

    Are you meaning the species or a specific character from a book? In either case, that's too hard to answer. I'm a fan of just about all types of hero/heroine shifters. Picking just one favorite character shifter from a book is like asking a parent to choose which child they love the most. I've read so many wonderful shifter books, I can't remember all the character names anyway.

  • On Feb 18, 2015, missywoo said: shifter

    I would have to say dragon then wolf

  • On Feb 18, 2015, JeanMP said: Shifters

    Wolf shifters are my favorite

  • On Feb 18, 2015, DixieChick said: giveaway

    I would have to go with dragon shifters. But I like others as well

  • On Feb 18, 2015, babsishere said: Hot dragons

    I love all shifters but bears, big game cats and dragons are my favorite.

  • On Feb 18, 2015, susanwilk said: Shifters

    I have your books, this one sounds fun. I read several series, Simon Wolfgard of the Others by Anne Bishop is a favorite of mine.

  • On Feb 17, 2015, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    Big cats are my favorite. Thanks.

  • On Feb 17, 2015, SylveTReader said: hmm

    i love wolf shifters...but im good with any!

  • On Feb 17, 2015, Mberbeza said: Best Shifter Books

    Terry Spear is legendary because she is one of the authors that just write the best shifter books! They go down so easy!

  • On Feb 17, 2015, adaffern said: Jaguar Pride

    I lean towards wolf shifters

  • On Feb 16, 2015, Truanimefan said: How can I choose?!

    How can I choose I fall in love with a different one everytime I pick up a new book. I can choose just one for in truth I love them all.

  • On Feb 16, 2015, Glenda Hefty said: Jaguar Pride

    I don't have any particular favorite although I've read a number of books about shifters.

  • On Feb 12, 2015, Cahm said: Favorite shifter Hero

    It would have to be Connor from Savage Hunter!

  • On Feb 11, 2015, honeyb said: Fav Shifter

    I don't have one I do not know of Any

  • On Feb 10, 2015, ELF said: So many great ones...

    I love Thea Harrison's Pia (and, of course Dragos) , Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson, Eileen Wilks' Rule, Kelley Armstrong's Elena...the list can go on and on...

    Congrats on a new addition to a great series!

  • On Feb 08, 2015, ksbanks said: Favorite Shifter

    A MALE shifter is my favorite shifter!! Ha! Any shifter is cool - I especially loved following Kat & Connor's journey in Savage Hunger!

  • On Feb 08, 2015, dustykatt said: Favorite Shifter

    I used to dream about being a panther shifter.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, Nancydl said: Savage Hunger

    Don't really have one. Don't usually read shapeshifters stories.

  • On Feb 05, 2015, Carol L said: Jaguars

    I really love Terry's books. I've always loved werewolve shifters. Especially wheen they wear kilts. Thanks for the opportunity

    Carol L

  • On Feb 05, 2015, KGOLDMAN said: Jaguar's

    Yeah, I love your books, can't wait to read. Thanks for the giveaway