• On Dec 17, 2015, honeyb said: I Won a $5 Card

    Thank You for The Giveaway

  • On Nov 03, 2015, Carol L said: Hallowpalooza Winners

    Congratulations to all the winners. WTG !

  • On Nov 03, 2015, Deal Sharing Aunt said: winners

    Is there a separate chat, or will the winners be announced here?

  • On Nov 02, 2015, Tamazon said: Thanks for Entering

    Join us: Winners to be Announced in Our Chat Room on Monday November 2nd. 5pm PT / 8pm ET

  • On Nov 01, 2015, stellarluna said: Happy Halloween

    I'd love to read The Rancher and The Renegade!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, bethanymacielag said: Hallowpalooza 2015

    Happy (belated) Halloween, everyone!

    I really enjoy these scavenger hunts!

    It's great finding authors and books that are new to me. I found 3 books that stuck out to me, which were: Untrue Colors, Unmasking Love, and The Need. Thank you so much! I cannot wait for the next hunt!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, HollyCollyDolly said: Enjoyed!

    Enjoyed the hunt! Lots of new authors to check out. Thank you so much!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, ponygirl said: Awesome

    I'm so excited to check out all these authors and their books!!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, joytoread said: Another Great Hunt :)

    I love these hunts, I always find more great reads, and Authors, galore, Thank you,!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, Sonyalovesbooks said: I want them all

    So many great sounding stories make it very hard to choose just one so I want them all awesome contest

  • On Nov 01, 2015, Shadowcat said: Hallowpalooza2

    All of these books sound wonderful. I can't choose. This is a great way to discover new books and authors

  • On Nov 01, 2015, LadyVampire said: Fun Huntiing

    I found so many new authors and books to enjoy. So awesome! Thank you and Happy Halloween!

  • On Nov 01, 2015, tinalou said: Happy Halloween!!

    I love these scavenger hunts! Great way to find new authors and win some great prizes :)

  • On Nov 01, 2015, melissaq said: Happy Halloween

    Awesome giveaway!! Love several of the author and excited to find new authors.

  • On Nov 01, 2015, Tara W said: Fun Hunt!

    I found new books to add to my wish list. I would love to read Kiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Butchbinder, The Wicked Awakened by Samantha Jacobey, Spirit Fall by Tessa McFionn and Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright

  • On Nov 01, 2015, adila said: So many books to read

    Thanks to you I put so many books in my Amazon Wish List.

    - Counterfeit Countess: Brazen Brides by Cheryl Bolen

    - A Pirate's Command by Meg Hennessy

    - Lethal Union by Vanessa Liebe

    - Unmasking Love: A Holiday for Romance by Peggy Bird

    - A School for Unusual Girls: A Stranje House Novel by Kathleen Baldwin

    - The Kiss of a Rose by Augustina Van Hoven

    - Carnal Beginnings by Reily Garrett

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Pamk said: another tempting group of books

    darn it you are killing me with these books. I'd love to have a bunch of these.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, barbarawr said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    This was exactly what I needed to motivate me to find some new authors to read! Thanks so much!

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Lissasue said: Great contest!

    There's so many great authors that I would be extremely happy to win anything.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, goodietwo said: great giveaway

    This is a wonderful win. I would be happy with any of the prizes. Thanks.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, becjames said: Hallowpalooza!

    My TBR list is exploding! I discovered so many new-to-me authors. What a fabulous event. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. :)

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Vadensmom said: Awesome

    Thanks so much for this awesome chance. Love meeting new authors

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Conniqua said: Very intriguing

    I enjoy finding and filling in the blanks! This was fun!

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Debskm said: Just Wow!!

    Found some new authors I have not read as of yet. Looking forward to more great books. Thank You for the great contest.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, TrinaC said: Can't Wait!!

    Haven't read any of these books, but will be adding them to my TBR pile!

  • On Oct 31, 2015, okbarbie said: Loved this

    Loved this and got to read some great excerpts for some books that I now have on my "to read" list.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, dsbrown said: love books

    I would love to read Cheryl Bolen's Counterfeit Countess

  • On Oct 31, 2015, proudarmymom said: So many great books!!

    My favorite genre is paranormal, but I have found some in other genre's that I'm really interested in. Another great contest introducing us to authors we may not have found on our own. Thank you!!! :D

  • On Oct 31, 2015, Stylnunicorn said: Awesome giveaway

    Great giveaway meet a lot of new to me authors and filled up my kindle

  • On Oct 31, 2015, pepalepeu said: Hallowpalooza

    Great contest, and a great way to introduce new authors.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, bookjunkee said: Thanks

    This was great thanks

  • On Oct 31, 2015, justwin said: So many to choose from!!

    What a great contest with some great books highlighted!!! I like Death Fricassee, The Projector Project, and Unmasking love as just a few of my choices.

  • On Oct 31, 2015, chrisreads said: Awesome contest!

    Thank you for such a wonderful contest. I can't wait to read so many of these great books!

  • On Oct 31, 2015, clarkaye said: So excited

    This is awesome. Happy Halloween

  • On Oct 30, 2015, Rhianona said: another great contest

    so many books to choose from! The one that I'm looking forward to is Cheryl Bolen's.

  • On Oct 30, 2015, jsss said: love to read!

    I love getting a chance to peek into books and finding out that I need to add some of these books to me 'want to read' list!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Oct 30, 2015, Taswmom said: Wow!

    Thank you for introducing me to so many books and authors I didn't know. This contest alone could give me an entire tbr list.

  • On Oct 30, 2015, Loisy said: So many books

    As always you have given us much to look in to, books to read and wonderful author who write them keep up the great work and tell the authors for me thank you. God Bless you all

  • On Oct 29, 2015, Leopardakaya said: Awesome

    I love all these books and great Authors I know have alot of books I so need to get and thanks alot

  • On Oct 28, 2015, skyeblue said: Hallowpalooza

    Always too many to choose from. Love the contests.

  • On Oct 28, 2015, Violet Bick said: Hallowpalooza

    Love reading all the excerpts and discovering new books in new genres. I'm most excited to read "The Protector Project" by Jenna Lincoln.

  • On Oct 28, 2015, Taswmom said: Wonderful!

    I love these kind of contests, because I find so many authors I didn't know about, and soooo many new books for my wish and tbr lists. Plus, maybe I'll even win one!

  • On Oct 28, 2015, PamCraig said: Thanks for the giveaway.

    I already bought one of my finds. Jennifer Snow's Breaking Her Rules. Look forward to reading it.

  • On Oct 27, 2015, msdebms said: Squeee!

    I found a Zoe Dawson book I didn't have. Squeee!

  • On Oct 27, 2015, DebraTaylor said: Awesome Contest

    I found some interesting books to read. Thank You for the awesome hunt.

  • On Oct 27, 2015, honeyb said: Can't Choose Just 1

    They all look like Great Books but My Favorite Genres are Romantic and Romantic Comedy

  • On Oct 26, 2015, jmesparza said: Scavenger Hunt

    I would love to read Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie, and Bear Magick by Lia Davis, and many more stories.

  • On Oct 26, 2015, Hotcha said: BOOKS WANT TO READ


  • On Oct 26, 2015, evna said: Awesome!

    I would like to read The Kiss of a Rose by Augustina Van Hoven, Breaking Her Rules: Beyond the Cage by Jennifer Snow, Unmasking Love by Peggy Bird, The Widow's Walk by Carole Ann Moleti, Counterfeit Countess by Cheryl Bolen. Those are the books that I'm interested in.

  • On Oct 26, 2015, greenshamrock said: Oooh books!!!

    So many great sounding books... Bear Magick by Lia Davis, Counterfeit Countess by Cheryl Bolen, and A Pirate's Command by Meg Hennessy have my attention.

  • On Oct 25, 2015, hotone said: Hallowpalooza

    Thanks, NOR for all the giveaways & the excerpts you show on your web site for all of us book lovers. Now, I always have more books & new authors to add to my TBR list, thanks to all of you. The scavenger hunt is a awesome idea.

  • On Oct 25, 2015, Yvonne said: Spectacular

    I would purchase every one of these book if my book budget allowed it because just reading the blurbs makes me excited to read them all

  • On Oct 25, 2015, jbalinski said: Hallowpalooza

    So many new authors, books, and exciting giveaways. Thanks for all you do for the readers. Can't wait to get several new books I found through this scavenger hunt.

  • On Oct 25, 2015, katz said: Hallowpalooza

    A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin, Counterfeit Countess by Cheryl Bolen and A Pirate's Command by Meg Hennessy are just a few of many that caught my interest. Thanks for the fun contest and a great way to find new authors.

  • On Oct 25, 2015, griffinsgma said: More to Explore

    Hallowpalooza gives me more authors and books to look for and read. I love finding new authors to try.

  • On Oct 25, 2015, gecko said: Thanks!

    I want to read the Zoe Dawson box set. Thank you! I enjoy these scavenger hunt contests!

  • On Oct 25, 2015, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    Tons of great books. Since choosing just one, I'll go with Bear Magick by Lia Davis. Thanks.

  • On Oct 24, 2015, Jbst said: Hallowpalooza

    Many interesting books. Lethal Union by Vanessa Liebe, Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright and The Dover Demon by Hunter Shea caught my particular attention.

  • On Oct 24, 2015, LBelle said: A new record!

    The "palooza" contests include such a variety of genres. This one added 16 new author pages to my favorites links!

  • On Oct 24, 2015, DebbyG said: Fun

    I love this. So much fun and I get to add to my list.

  • On Oct 24, 2015, rove said: Hallowpalooza

    Found lots of new authors and interesting reads!

  • On Oct 23, 2015, huntressjenn said: Awesome

    Some of these books sound great! thanks for the contest.

  • On Oct 23, 2015, VampedChik said: Great giveaways!

    I found so many new books to read! Thank you so much!

  • On Oct 22, 2015, Bube said: Hallowpalooza

    Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand - sounds great :)

  • On Oct 22, 2015, JOYE said: Joye

    A fun contest with great prizes

    I found several books I want to read one of which is A Pirate's Command

  • On Oct 22, 2015, Cathyann said: Fun

    I love contests

  • On Oct 22, 2015, archana said: Great giveaway

    It is always fun to take part in the giveaway as you get introduced to new authors...

  • On Oct 22, 2015, Heather S said: Awesome Giveaway!

    This giveaway was a lot of fun! Thanks for the chance! Happy Halloween :)

  • On Oct 22, 2015, cjreynolds said: Hallowpalooza

    Loved the contest. It was lots of fun. Found new books by some of my favorite authors. And some new books that I need to check further.

  • On Oct 22, 2015, Bube said: Hallowpalloza

    The Kiss of A Rose sounds great :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Halloween :)

  • On Oct 22, 2015, Tamazon said: Having Fun!

    We hope you are all having fun with this event. We love sharing books with you all.

  • On Oct 21, 2015, twitchy said: Wonderful

    I love this

  • On Oct 21, 2015, reneejr said: Authors

    So many great authors to choose from! Oh, where to start, where to start! Thanks for all the great excerpts!

  • On Oct 21, 2015, Beccasmom said: books!!!!

    Love these hunts!! I always find something new to read!

  • On Oct 21, 2015, frlarsson said: Hallowpalooza

    So many great reads! My TBR pile is about to fall over =D

    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Halloween!


  • On Oct 21, 2015, heatherpa said: Hallowpalooza2015

    So many new and exciting authors and books to read. Can not wait to add these books to my stack for reading over the long winter months!

  • On Oct 21, 2015, ELF said: The TBR mountain continues to grow

    So many fascinating blurbs, I was particularly intrigued by the variety of ghost stories, so apropos for the season!

  • On Oct 20, 2015, Adnor said: Hallowpalooza 2015

    Wonderful sweeps and great way to find new reads AND new authors (not to mention a chance to win a great prize!). Thank you!!!

  • On Oct 19, 2015, shorty said: scavenger hunt

    What a fun way to find new authors and books! Thanks for the exciting giveaway :)

  • On Oct 19, 2015, Bmhy said: Hallowpalooza

    What a fantastic event! So many wonderful books and authors to add to my TBR list. Thanks NOR for sponsoring the Hallowpalooza.

  • On Oct 19, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    kiss of the silver wolf

  • On Oct 18, 2015, windmillstilt said: Awesome Giveaway

    Never done one like this before. Definitely found some books to put on my Amazon wishlist! =) I count at least 8 of them.

  • On Oct 17, 2015, ljkish said: Contest

    Lots of interesting sounding books in this month's contest.

  • On Oct 16, 2015, SylveTReader said: contest

    All of these books look great! i would love to read Carnal Beginnings by Reily Garret, song of Ancients by Sandy Wright, the Heartbeat thief by AJ Keaton.

  • On Oct 16, 2015, Robbie said: Contest

    Thanks for the contest and these great books.

  • On Oct 16, 2015, Sable said: Great fun!

    Happy Halloween! Great contest.

  • On Oct 16, 2015, fyrestorme said: Wonderful books great Scavanger Hunt

    Thank you for this contest and all these awesome books, some from authors I have not read before.

  • On Oct 16, 2015, candy said: new books

    There are new authors and so many books I have not yet read. Thank you

  • On Oct 16, 2015, Suzy said: Suzy says lots of fun

    Lots of great books, had a good time and found this hunt so much easier that the last one...Happy Halloween!

  • On Oct 16, 2015, Rebateme said: New books

    Love reading the excerpts and finding so many new things to read

  • On Oct 16, 2015, chrisg said: Hallowpalooza Event

    finished my entry...really would love to win!

  • On Oct 15, 2015, camaro said: love these hunts

    Another hunt finished...really love them...but now I have more books to put on a wish list

  • On Oct 15, 2015, mshigh said: Great Contest!

    Love this fun contest that brings us new authors and exciting new reads!

  • On Oct 15, 2015, Betty said: FANTASTIC

    So many fantastic authors and books that are new to me! Thank you for the introduction, Night Owl Reviews!

  • On Oct 14, 2015, Cheryl said: Nice!

    Great books and nice prizes for the Hallowpalooza! Thanks!

  • On Oct 14, 2015, Wiccachic said: Books I'm Looking Forward To From the Hunt

    The Heartbeat Thief Aj Krafton

    The Dover Demon by Hunter Shea or pretty much anything by Hunter Shea

    Lethal Union - Slayer Book 1 by Vanessa Liebe

    Counterfeit Countess by Cheryl Bolen

    Trolling for Trouble by Olivia Hardin

    Emerald Bound by Teresa Richards

  • On Oct 14, 2015, linlee said: Fun Scavenger Hunt

    I enjoyed doing the hunt and learning about books and authors.

  • On Oct 13, 2015, Hitherandthee said: Great hunt!

    Another fabulous scavenger hunt! There are so many great books and prizes! The books that are calling me the loudest are The Legend of Lady MacLaoch, and Emerald Bound!

  • On Oct 13, 2015, MicheleH said: Such fun

    Another great scavenger hunt. I look forward to reading Cheryl Bolen and Joanne Jaytanie.

  • On Oct 13, 2015, KGOLDMAN said: Fun Fun

    I love these scavengerhunts they are so much fun and introduce me to so many new authors!

    Thank you

  • On Oct 13, 2015, SandyH said: so many books...

    so little time. finally just entered for those that i have a fighting chance of reading!

  • On Oct 12, 2015, thereadingrebel said: Had Fun!

    I found three books I want to read A school for unusual girls, Blood Tide and The Heartbeat Thief. I had great fun doing this hunt.

  • On Oct 12, 2015, Renald said: hope to read

    I would like to check out the book Lethal Union. The book sounds interesting.

  • On Oct 12, 2015, ecocat said: Scavengerhunt

    What better way then a scavengerhunt to discover all these new books.

  • On Oct 12, 2015, lizeasternD said: Hallowpalooza

    I always find such awesome books & authors @ Night Owls.... love this site!

  • On Oct 11, 2015, zuagy said: Hallowpalooza!

    I am interested in Counterfeit Countess and the other historical romance books. There were a few paranormal books that were interesting to me too.

  • On Oct 11, 2015, Karen said: Some really good titles

    I'd be interested in reading the historical romance books. Some titles I found are: Lethal Union, Widow's Walk and Counterfeit Countess.

  • On Oct 11, 2015, orchdlady said: Books to read

    I found some interesting titles and authors to explore.

  • On Oct 11, 2015, booksforme said: SO many new books to choose from!

    There are so many books I want to read now..Forsaking Gray, Dark Summoner, Bear Magick, and Breaking Her Rules to name a few.

  • On Oct 10, 2015, MarcyWho said: Another Great Scavenger Hunt

    I bought A pirate's command, just could not wait for that one. I'm looking forward to reading Songs of the Ancients, The Kiss of a Rose and School for Unusual girls.

  • On Oct 10, 2015, Truanimefan said: So many great authors, so many awesome books!

    There were so many awesome books from so many great authors to choose from. I already owned a few of the books and purchased several more. I wasn't able to get them all but I did put them on my wish list for later. I can't wait to read them all. There were so many great books offered its hard to choose any one as my favorite. Look forward to the next great selection of books and authors.

  • On Oct 10, 2015, debbiet said: Hallowpalooza

    I loved the contest and am so looking forward to reading many of the books. They sound so awesome!

  • On Oct 09, 2015, Lisaward said: Contest

    So many great Authors, I have a list of books I want ! Thank you to All the Authors for a great giveaway !

  • On Oct 09, 2015, hshelley said: All these Great Books

    I wrote down several authors that I will be looking up. I need some new material to read

  • On Oct 09, 2015, JinkM said: Thanks

    Hunts are so fun. Lots of interesting books for sure.

  • On Oct 08, 2015, camaro said: Love these scavenger hunts

    I really love these hunts.....I always add to my Amazon wish lists.....just need a gift card to help me get them all.

  • On Oct 08, 2015, Spiritofnlmk said: Excited for the season

    Ohh I found many books that are perfect for the season and many from my favorite genres too . Thank you so much.

  • On Oct 08, 2015, hdeeswan said: Hallowpalooza

    So many that I want to read, Forsaking Gray, Carnal Beginnings, Blood Tide and The Kiss of a Silver Rose are a few. Thanks!

  • On Oct 08, 2015, DarcNina said: Great Supernatural/Creature Reads!

    I can't wait to dig into the supernatural/creature reads. The Dover Demon by Hunter Shea sounds fantastic!!

  • On Oct 08, 2015, Irma Jurejevcic said: Thank you

    Thank you for this wonderful chance! I could use some book money!

  • On Oct 07, 2015, Laurel E said: How to choose

    I saw so many I would like to read, Healer's Fate by Beth Caudill and Time Untamed by Lily Morgan are just 2 of the books on my TBR list. Love these give aways

  • On Oct 07, 2015, Trix said: books...

    I'm reading an ARC of SCHOOL FOR UNUSUAL GIRLS now, actually!

  • On Oct 07, 2015, Sarah said: HallowPalooza Hunt

    Such a fun scavenger hunt! I love this game! I discovered a few new authors to seek out in the future and I'm looking forward to adding to my TBR pile!

  • On Oct 07, 2015, peggys said: ....

    they all sound great!

  • On Oct 07, 2015, bevieann said: I love scavenger hunts!!

    It makes it so exciting! And I find books and authors that otherwise would remain unknown to me!

  • On Oct 07, 2015, MdotDrizzi said: Lots of fantastic books

    i found more than a few books that I will definitely be checking out. I love the variety of featured books.

  • On Oct 07, 2015, suzyrph said: HallowPalooza Hunt

    Scavenger hunts are so much fun--- it is very generous of the authors and NOR for all the prizes.

  • On Oct 06, 2015, Talleyfootball said: Contest

    Hunter Shea is the man, definitely an underrated writer!

  • On Oct 06, 2015, witchhazel said: Contest

    I'm loving all of these new books! If I hadn't entered the contest I never would have read about them. Thank you!

  • On Oct 06, 2015, SheDevil said: Great Books

    There are some fantastic books that I am just finding on the list. Cant wait to read some of them

  • On Oct 06, 2015, Smallfry said: Great Books

    Great wait to read these books and find new authors.

  • On Oct 06, 2015, GingerTragger said: love to read great books

    I can't wait to read Kiss of the silver wolf by Sharon Buchbinder and Blood Tide by CJ Mathews.

  • On Oct 06, 2015, momofsteele said: Great books I found!

    Here is the list I wrote down that I added to my TBR: Sandy Wright, Song of The Ancients. C.J. Matthew, Blood Tide. Beth Caudill, Healer's Fate. I already own and read Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie. Suzanne M. Sabol, The Blushing Death series. Liz Davis, Bear Magik 2. Meg Hennessy, A Pirate's Command. Becky Banks, The Legend of Lady Maclaoch, and Teresa Richards, Emerald Bound. Thanks for exposing us to "new" authors!

  • On Oct 06, 2015, leetee said: hallowpalooza

    amazing giveaway!

    thanks for the chance

  • On Oct 06, 2015, amandastar said: Thank you!

    This is such a great way to find new authors and books! I've found so many interesting books to check out.

  • On Oct 05, 2015, mamamorr said: Thanks!!

    Love these contest!! Find so many new authors!!

  • On Oct 05, 2015, esky said: Always awesome contests here

    Always great contests here, you can find many great new authors. I always add to my TBR list. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • On Oct 05, 2015, hkhoney said: Great Giveaway

    There are quite a few books that I would love to read. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!!

  • On Oct 05, 2015, SerenaS said: Great hunt...

    I love this kind of hunt! It makes thing pretty fun! And such good reads... no way I'm missing them.

  • On Oct 05, 2015, StarDust said: So many good reads!

    So many of these sound great! I would definitely love to read Carnal Beginnings & Lethal Union. I hate that these aren't available as actual books, as I don't really do the e-book thing :(

  • On Oct 04, 2015, JackieW said: Books I want to read

    Black and Shadow, the Rancher And The Renegade, and Counterfiet Countess peaked my interest.

  • On Oct 04, 2015, catlady said: Hallowpalooza

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • On Oct 04, 2015, paeannu said: Variety is the Spice of Life

    What an eclectic group of stories. The all sound sooo intriguing. It is too hard to pick just one book.... oh, woe is me.

    thanks for the wonderful opportunity with this sweepstakes/giveaway.

  • On Oct 04, 2015, kizerthalia said: Giveaway

    Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway! :D

  • On Oct 04, 2015, Gpangel said: Hallowpalooza

    Kelsey and Nancy! I love the Grannies!

  • On Oct 04, 2015, saleago said: Fun Event

    This was great seeing all the books and reading from each of them!

  • On Oct 04, 2015, Sheila Y said: Hallowpalooza 2015 (OCT 1 - 31)

    There are so many great books and authors, thanks for the chance :)

  • On Oct 04, 2015, belgre said: New Authors and Lots of Fun!

    I think I'll be checking out K.L. Kreig in the future. I liked the Forsaking Gray blurb and will be adding it to my TBR list.

    As always these NOR giveaways are great! Well worth the time to play! :-)

  • On Oct 04, 2015, melissacrisp said: Author event

    I love these events. There are so many great books to choose from but I have a hard time figuring out what to read first.

  • On Oct 04, 2015, dhud said: Awesome

    There are some fantastic books that I am just finding on the list

  • On Oct 04, 2015, Dina said: wow

    love the fun finding new authors

  • On Oct 03, 2015, chrisinwi said: contest

    as always a great contest! tons of tbr books this month. thanks

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Bertie said: bertie

    trying to get a kindle fire for my grandson and the gift cards would be fantastic

    Haven't read any of the books but they will be going on my TBR pile

  • On Oct 03, 2015, AlabamaGirl said: Hallowpalooza 2015 Giveaway

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance! I look forward to reading Eidolon by Ruby Duvall, Blood Tide: Dolphin Shore Shiftrs by CJ Matthew, Breaking Her Rules: Beyond the Cage by Jennifer Snow, A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin, and a few others!

  • On Oct 03, 2015, laurielb said: Hallowpalooza Giveaway

    I have not yet read any of the books listed. I am not familiar with most of these authors so I am looking forward to reading these books.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Donna A said: Fun hunt

    Lots of "new to me" authors but I most want to read Forbidden Plays by Zoe Dawson

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Relklaf said: Scavenger hunt

    Thank you for having another hunt. It's fun looking for the clues.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Lashea said: Hallowpalooza 2015

    Huge Jennifer Snow fan

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Lashea said: Hallowpalooza 2015

    Love Jennifer Snow.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, marybelle said: So much fun

    Thank you for this wonderful contest.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, lilytiger said: Emerald Bound

    Emerald Bound by Teresa Richards look interesting.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, blakesmomma said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love the hunts! I want to read Song of the Ancients by Sandy Wright.

  • On Oct 03, 2015, pixiestyx said: Spooky good fun

    These scavenger hunts are so much fun! I enjoy finding new authors to read and add to my TBR pile!

  • On Oct 03, 2015, Natalie said: Hallowpalooza Giveaway

    I am looking forward to reading Flying High in Spirit

    by Roberta Grimes & Mikey Morgan.

  • On Oct 02, 2015, Sylvie said: Fun As Always!

    I always find several must-read writers when I do these scavenger hunts. This time around, I'm looking forward to reading Ruby Duvall and Sharon Buchbinder.

    Happy Halloween everybody!

  • On Oct 02, 2015, ladymagnolia said: Hallowpalooza Giveaway

    I found so many great authors and many books that are on my TBR list. Thanks so much for another great contest.

  • On Oct 02, 2015, zippykim said: Love a great giveaway!

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway! Lots of new authors for me!

  • On Oct 02, 2015, sunshinehdfan said: win

    Love these giveaway chances.

  • On Oct 02, 2015, CBarton said: October contest

    I have found several books that I would like to read including Bear Magick by Lia Davis, Kiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Buchbinder, and Blood Tied by CJ Matthew. Love your contests!

  • On Oct 02, 2015, macti said: new authors I found on the hunt

    There was so many!!! There were time travel ones that all looked good, I bought one so far. Thanks for the chance to extend my TBR pile!!

  • On Oct 02, 2015, Carol L said: Hallowpalooza Event

    These events are so exciting. I found all new Authors and their books for my TRL. My book allowance will be breaking for sure. I especially liked :

    The Lady MacLaoch by Becky Banks

    Black Jack by Christine Donovan

    A Pirates Command by Meg HennessySchool For Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin.

    Thanks for this giveaway. I was unable to enter the answer in one of the entries because Rafflecopter closed when I hit wrong button.

  • On Oct 02, 2015, margaretluvisi said: like the contest

    can't wait to find out who wins

  • On Oct 02, 2015, dfosterbooks said: Hallowpalooza

    What an awesome list of authors!!!

  • On Oct 02, 2015, robolaryea said: Halloween fun

    Let the Halloween fun begin.

  • On Oct 02, 2015, cocobabydoll said: Great contest

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