• On Jul 07, 2015, Desiree Lacasse said: Thank you much!

    Yay! Thank you much! And thank you to all the participating authors! I found some new authors to read through this contest!

    Again Thank you!

  • On Jul 04, 2015, Kamla L said: More enticinf books

    I've discovered so many enticing books. Thanks so much. My TBR/wishlist loves you :)

  • On Jul 04, 2015, CrystalBee said: YUM!

    So many, but I'm most excited about For All to See by Megan Mitcham.

  • On Jul 03, 2015, Judy said: Fun scavenger hunt!

    So many good books, so little time, lol! I especially liked Compulsive and The Pleasure Principle!

  • On Jul 03, 2015, Kathleen Hegarty said: Wow

    I jus t found a bunch of great authors to read from and so many great books that I found this scavenger hunt. If I win I'm buying all the books that are on it and I'm going to buy whatever I can before then.. My TBR list just got a whole lot bigger! :) Thank you for this chance to win.

  • On Jul 03, 2015, gemiinii said: LOve!

    Would love to read Compulsive by Lia Fairchild!

  • On Jul 03, 2015, mamamorr said: Scavenger hunt

    Loved this scavenger hunt a lot of authors i will be checking out

  • On Jul 03, 2015, Karla Eakin said: so many options

    Beauty's Curse by Tamara Hughes especially is at the top of my list. I love her writing. As always lots of great books and authors in the mix.

  • On Jul 03, 2015, proudarmymom said: So many great books!

    I have added so many books to my wishlist, fingers crossed that I win something so I can buy them all. :D A Dangerous Bargain by J. S. Scott is at the top of my list.

  • On Jul 03, 2015, Tina B said: So Many Great Stories

    I love finding new to me stories and authors. There are so many wonderful sounding stories! I have several of them on my Kindle already and have added more to my TBR. :D Thank you!

  • On Jul 02, 2015, Michelle Willms said: NOR Scavenger Hunt

    As always, I discovered a plethora of new books to add to my reading list. Some are by new authors, but many are by authors I discovered through NOR either through our Monday night chats, prior scavenger hunts, or reviews. Thank you so much, authors, staff, and reviewers for all your work. Authors, I truly appreciate your hard work and wondrous ability to bring new worlds to my life. Your skill often pulls me from what might otherwise become a profound depression. Thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life.

  • On Jul 02, 2015, Cajun Girl said: Scavenger hunt !

    Cajun girl says .. these always give me a chance to check out and find new authors and reads ....

  • On Jul 02, 2015, Leopardakaya said: Love all the book and I love this Hunt

    I really love all the books and this hunt is alot of fun to go though and see all these new authors to me I love to read alot and thanks so very much for doing all of this wonderful giveaways

  • On Jul 02, 2015, clynsg said: Too many books

    I keep saying if good authors would stop writing for awhile, I might be able to catch up with my reading!

  • On Jul 02, 2015, belgre said: Scavenger Hunt New Author Finds

    The Hunt is awesome fun as always! On this one I found 3, new to me authors: Jacki Delecki, Susan Vaughan, & Catherine Cade. I will be following them in the future.

  • On Jul 02, 2015, Mberbeza said: So Many Books

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! Reminds me of Thomas Jefferson's quote, So many books, so little time.

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    Just read Lauren Smith's The Gilded Cuff, so especially looking forward to The Gilded Cage. Thanks.

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Ssernell said: Awesome!!

    Definitely will be adding some of these to my TBR list!!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Jujubee Delestowicz said: Love me some Scavenger Hunt

    Lots of great stories to choose from!!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Florencia said: Awesome!

    Great prizes!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, DebraTaylor said: Another Fun Scavenger Hunt

    I enjoyed the latest scavenger hunt and found some great books to add to my TBR. Thank You Tammy !

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Tara W said: Fun hop!

    I found some great books that I would love to read and Affairs of the Dead by A.J. Locke sounds really good.

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Florencia said: Awesome!

    Great prizes!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Arianne said: New Authors

    While reading the excerpts for this hunt, I noticed there were a lot of new authors I have never heard of until now. The genres they write in run the gamut from historical romance to paranormal romance.

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Texas Book Lover said: June 2015 - Great Read Scavenger Hunt

    WOW there are too many great books to name just one!

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, catedid said: Great Reads

    There are some great stories here and my TBR list just got much longer. Thank goodness it is summer time.

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Tanya Guthrie said: So many!

    So many great sounding books! Thank you for gathering them all! And for this amazing chance! I actually bookmarked and took screenshots so I can find them more easily. Some of the books I've already had on my device, and others on my TBR, but I got a bunch of new ones too!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Hapkro said: Attention-getters!

    Always looking for new reads...thanks!

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Loisy said: Good Hunt

    So much to chose from but already know which 2 will be first

  • On Jul 01, 2015, KatLouise said: Great variety this month!

    It was hard to narrow it down, but I'm the most interested in "Payton's Pursuit" and "The Gilded Gage."

  • On Jul 01, 2015, Lilyraines said: Great

    Wonderful scavenger hunt - as always.

  • On Jun 30, 2015, wyndwhisper said: awesome authors!

    so many great new authors and old favorites too. i had to start a whole new TBR pile! LOL!

    tammy ramey

  • On Jun 30, 2015, ladymagnolia said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love these hunts for the prizes and finding all of the books and authors. I would like to read Lilith Darville's books. They really good great. I have put so many on my TBR list (poor TBR list)

  • On Jun 30, 2015, Karen said: Great Scavenger Hunt

    I'm looking forward to reading A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans.

  • On Jun 30, 2015, katz said: Scavenger Hunt

    Must reads for me are Follow Your Heart by Ruth Kaufman and Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin.

  • On Jun 30, 2015, joytoread said: More Great Books!

    Love the scavenger hunts I always find my next great reads, and you introduce my to awesome new authors as well.

  • On Jun 30, 2015, davisbk said: So many book ideas

    Thanks for all the reading ideas. I added several to my wish list, and Goodread list.

  • On Jun 30, 2015, Bube said: Great titles!

    So many great titles and authors :)

  • On Jun 29, 2015, bookandink said: Great Job!

    I was surprised to see a lot new books on list that isn't even known of in the part of the world I come from (i'm from India). Given that I don't really like Erotica but favor romance, I would love to read Elizabeth McKenna's Venice in Moon light.

    Great job hosting such a spectacular event.

  • On Jun 28, 2015, john thuku said: New Authors

    When I first came across your scavenger hunt, I saw such wonderful interesting books from new authors which hooked my interest. The giveaway was the icing to that. Thank you very much for this.

  • On Jun 28, 2015, greenshamrock said: BOOKS :)

    Oh boy... so many sound so good... Her Healing Cowboy, Show Me The Honey, & Payton's Pursuit are a few that caught my eye.

  • On Jun 28, 2015, Sable said: Hunt

    Lots to choose from but Storm Warned by Dani Harper

  • On Jun 28, 2015, Bmhy said: Scavenger Hunt

    Love your scavenger hunt! I have added a number of books to my TBR list, including A Dangerous Bargain, Relic, and A Touch of Passion. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  • On Jun 28, 2015, ljkish said: Fun

    Always fun going through these scavenger hunts. Thanks.

  • On Jun 27, 2015, Adnor said: Wonderful hunt!

    The hunts introduce us to new authors AND new things to read. THANK YOU TAMMIE!!!

  • On Jun 26, 2015, Jiminer said: June Scavenger Hunt

    Loved it. I seen so many I have not read yet, and I found a few I am going to go back and check out. Untouchable and Follow Your Heart for sure. Thanks.

  • On Jun 26, 2015, Eisberg said: excited about all the books

    I have definitely been able to add to my want to read list. I'm so very excited.

  • On Jun 26, 2015, ELF said: So many books...what a delight!

    I have added quite a few names to my, 'want to read' list, and am fortunate to have some of these titles already on my TBR mountain! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • On Jun 25, 2015, carlton said: Summer reading

    Would like to add Lovely by Elizabeth SaFleur, A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans and Provoke - Make Me by Riley Murphy to my growing to read pile.

  • On Jun 25, 2015, adaffern said: Scavenger Hunt

    I am looking forward to reading Lady of the Flames.

  • On Jun 25, 2015, JeanMP said: June Scavenger Hunt

    Looking forward to reading Virtue's Lady by Jessica Cale and The Highlander's Folly by Barbara Longley

  • On Jun 25, 2015, AquarianDancer said: Yay!

    I'd love to try A Dangerous Bargain by J.S. Scott.

  • On Jun 24, 2015, skyeblue said: Scavenger Hunt

    As always, so many books I would love to read. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • On Jun 24, 2015, msdebms said: gotta have!

    "Hers to Own" by Anne Lange. Punishment never looked so good. Teehee!

  • On Jun 23, 2015, vickestolte said: Awesome reads!

    I really want to check out Affairs of the Dead by A.J. Locke. Sounds very interesting and different...

  • On Jun 23, 2015, griffinsgma said: Provoked

    Lots of new authors to try. I'm thinking that Provoked, Finding Mr. Right Now, and Yes, Sir might need to go on top of the list.

  • On Jun 23, 2015, Trix said: tough choice, but...

    FINDING MR. RIGHT and SHOW ME THE HONEY really appeal!

  • On Jun 22, 2015, SteelerGirl said: June Scavenger Hunt

    As always I love doing these hunts. It gives me a chance to find new authors to try, Found 4 new ones this time around.

  • On Jun 22, 2015, Mlaird said: Can't wait

    i have found many new author I want to try.

  • On Jun 22, 2015, RStuck said: Scavenger Hunt

    There are several books that I want to get. These are all new authors to me. I'm not much of a historical romance reader but all of the others sound pretty darn good!!

  • On Jun 22, 2015, ljkish said: Hunt

    There were several that I was really interested in but I didn't write them down. Finding Mr Right Now was one of them.

  • On Jun 22, 2015, Jbst said: June Scavenger Hunt

    So many interesting books and authors. To name the top three that I'd like to read are - Sanyare: The Last Descendant by Megan Haskell, Titanium by Linda Palmer and Relics by Maer Wilson.

  • On Jun 22, 2015, sunshinehdfan said: hunt

    Wow that was too long

  • On Jun 22, 2015, Debra Jo said: Scavenger Hunt

    I had a wonderful time on the scavenger hunt. Thanks?? oh my gosh, I have a long list of books to order after finishing.

    The Gilded Cage & the Gilded Chain - Lauren Smith

    Provoked Make Me - Riley Murphy

    The Perfect Pleasure - Kimberly Adkins

    Finding Mr. Right - Meg Benjamin

    Her Healing Cowboy - Donna Michaels

    Lady of Flames - Barbara Monajem

    Show Me The Money - Cathryn Cade

    Yes, Sir - J Richards

    Trusting Thyme - Antoinette Turner

    Hers to Own - Anne Lange

    Friends With Benefits- Anne Lange

    Scorpio Begins - Lilith Darville

    Scorpio Awakens - Lilith Darville

    Scorpio Rising - Lilith Darville

    Follow Your Heart - Ruth Kaufman

    Lovely - Elizabeth SaFleur

    Holiday Ties - Elizabeth SaFleur

    Untouchable - Elizabeth SaFleur

    Bronwen Evans...since I already bought and read your wonderful book I did not put it on my list ??

    To the other authors...I prefer historical romance/romance/sexy books in that order. I am not a fantasy reader; sorry.

  • On Jun 21, 2015, goodietwo said: great way to find new reads

    Read A Touch of Passion and enjoyed it. Have a couple of others and see some others of interest.

  • On Jun 21, 2015, LittleOwl said: Liette said: Discovered new authors

    Lots of fun going through this Scavenger Hunt as it has allowed me to discover new authors (on top of those few I already knew). Thanks for a chance to win.

  • On Jun 21, 2015, dsbrown said: Scavenger hunt fun

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Always fun!!!

  • On Jun 21, 2015, bncandg said: re:

    any of them

  • On Jun 20, 2015, Irma Jurejevcic said: Awesome

    Well I'm always excited to find out about new authors and their work.

  • On Jun 20, 2015, generousadkins said: Discovered some great reads!

    Discovered some great reads!

    I finished the hunt and as usual discovered some great reads along the way! Already started reading, True to the Highlander – Barbara Longley, and downloaded, Destiny finds her – Miranda Lynn for the future :)

  • On Jun 20, 2015, LexieA said: So much fun!

    This scavenger hunt was so much fun :)

  • On Jun 19, 2015, LeeErin said: June Contest

    Great reads! The Bronwen Evans book "A Touch of Passion" sounds interesting.

  • On Jun 19, 2015, EvaM said: June Scavenger Hunt

    Lots of great reads, thanks! To name a few: Follow Your Heart by Ruth Kaufman

    Lady of the Flames by Barbara Monajem

    Virtue's Lady by Jessica Cale

    Beauty's Curse by Tamara Hughes

    The Highlander's Folly by Barbara Longley

    Sanyare: The Last Descendant by Megan Haskell

  • On Jun 19, 2015, sjburroughs said: thanks!

    thanks for such an amazing chance!

  • On Jun 19, 2015, galinda said: contest

    Thanks for the chance to win and meet new authors to read.

  • On Jun 19, 2015, Virginia said: Love these hunts

    I would love to read Kentucky Blue Bloods, sounds awesome to me.

  • On Jun 18, 2015, DebbyG said: Amazing Finds

    I have fund some wonderful books on this hunt. My list is increasing in size!

  • On Jun 18, 2015, Lindsey said: Lindsey V.

    Men Under Fire sounds great!

    Thank you for all of the great reccomendations and the giveaway. Fingers crossed! :-)

  • On Jun 17, 2015, LadyTCJnana said: to many to name. . .

    I found so many books i am very excited to read!! the contest is a bonus!! ;->

  • On Jun 17, 2015, tinalou said: You guys are awesome!

    I love your site. Great resource to keep up with favorite authors, find new ones and great contests/prizes!

  • On Jun 17, 2015, Sue A said: Scavenger Hunt

    A great way to find new authors in one place while enjoying little snippets of their novels.

  • On Jun 17, 2015, debbiet said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks so much for having these. I love finding new authors and getting new material to read. Also, giving away giftcards is totally awesome! More books to buy. Thanks again!

  • On Jun 17, 2015, dfosterbooks said: Blurbs

    Love all the blurbs & searching for the missing a small taste of what each book is about. Found a couple of favorite authors that way!

  • On Jun 16, 2015, lanatoon said: next great read

    A different way to find new books. I will start with Jacki Delecki and just keep reading.

  • On Jun 16, 2015, jmesparza said: More books added to my wishlist

    I found several new authors/books that I would love to read. My top 2 are: Hers To Own by Anne Lange, and Provoked by Riley Murphy.

  • On Jun 16, 2015, Aleen said: Awesome

    Thanks for the chance to win! Thanks for introducing me to new books :)

  • On Jun 16, 2015, Robbie said: Great Books

    This is a great list of new books for me to read. Can hardly wait to start.

  • On Jun 16, 2015, crysdotcom said: love these :)

    what a fun and cool way to find new books/authors. bookmarked so many author pages to come back and buy the books when i can. some of the books were already on my wishlist, but added many more :) thanks for the chance

  • On Jun 16, 2015, Laurel E said: So many books, so little time!

    Scorpio Awakens by Lilith Darville and Destiny Finds Her by Miranda Lynn are two I want to read, but the one that really caught my eye was The Highlander's Folly by Barbara Longley looks sooo good. How to choose?

  • On Jun 16, 2015, frlarsson said: great books

    Added a bunch to my TBR pile,

    Fun Scavenger hunt!

    Happy Monday! =)

  • On Jun 15, 2015, ZMBHNTR said: YAY!!!

    Thank you for the awesome information on the blog. I have a lot of books that I have added to my book list. This is great.

  • On Jun 15, 2015, dizzypig said: scavenger hunt

    Would love J.S Scott. But lots of new authors to enjoy.

  • On Jun 15, 2015, SylveTReader said: contest

    these are all new Authors to me. i look forward to reading any of them! they all look really good.

  • On Jun 15, 2015, SueG said: June Scavenger Hunt

    I think Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin or The Gilded Cage by Lauren Smith both sound good!

  • On Jun 15, 2015, Reader said: Want to read..

    Kentucky Blue Bloods & Men Under Fire

  • On Jun 15, 2015, Sylvie said: My Favroite Thing

    My favorite thing about these scavenger hunts is that I find so many new authors!

  • On Jun 15, 2015, blakesmomma said: Susan Vaughan

    I really want to read Ring Of Truth.

  • On Jun 15, 2015, Glenda Hefty said: Thanks for the fun contest!

    Wow! Lots and lots of really good books here...only one of them I've already read!

  • On Jun 15, 2015, SandyH said: thank you --

    some days i wish i could just stay home and read.....

  • On Jun 15, 2015, elsie said: So many great sounding Books

    Thanks for the game. Would loves to read Shadow of Doubt by P. A. DePaul and Men Under Fire by Jacki Delecki

  • On Jun 14, 2015, booksforme said: Love finding new authors...

    Thank you again for the scavenger hunt. I love finding new authors and books! SO many awesome books but my favorites are: Provoked, The Gilded Cage, Show me the Honey, Payton's Pursuit, Men Under Fire, and Shadow of Doubt!

  • On Jun 14, 2015, Virginia said: Hunt

    You meet a lot of new authors on these hunts.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, AshleyAnne said: Love these scavenger hunts!

    I found so many great new authors! I want to read the whole list!

  • On Jun 14, 2015, KChorak said: Great Books

    I can't wait to read Kentucky Blue Bloods by Jan Scarbrough and Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin. They sound great.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, dtrepczyk said: Awesome giveaway!!

    There are so many new authors that I haven't read anything by. Some of the ones that seem interesting to me would be Honeybun One Undone, Finding Mr Right Now, Perfectly Honest, and there are more that I would love to read.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, Ilona F said: bank robbery

    Do you think anyone would notice if

    I rob the bank? I would need to to get the money to buy all the books that just got added to my wishlist .

  • On Jun 14, 2015, Renald said: I like to read

    I like some of the books , and hope to check out some.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, trojo said: wow

    A dangerous bargain was a great read! Kat is just what Kyle needed to keep away the darkness

  • On Jun 14, 2015, Suzy said: Suzy R. Great giveaway

    Lots of new and not so new authors, a great way to check out new books.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, johnnyp said: great books

    found lots of new authors and great books.

  • On Jun 14, 2015, Belinda said: Excellent giveaway

    I love these giveaways you find out about a lot of new authors and a lot of great books

  • On Jun 13, 2015, EmTris said: Great Giveaway!!

    I had such a great time looking at all the books to fill in the blanks. I'd love to have all the time to read each one!! They all look amazing!!

  • On Jun 13, 2015, atiffyfit said: Even if I don't win anything...

    the scavenger hunts are my favorite style giveaway because I get to learn/meet so many new authors and books! Thanks for helping my TBR grow even more! :)

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Betty said: June 2015 - Find Your Next Great Read Scavenger Hunt

    So many new authors, so many "must-read" books and not nearly enough time! I may have to give up sleeping in order to read more! All of the books sound terrific from MEN AND MARTINIS by Delancey Stewart to RELICS by Maer Wilson! Thank you for another awesome contest!

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Ingeborg said: Scavenger Hunt

    So many great books. I'm looking forward to reading Finding Mr Right Now by Meg Benjamin, Destiny Finds Her by Miranda Lynn and A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, FanLit said: Scavenger hunt

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, robolaryea said: Love it

    Always great to meet so many new authors.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, huntressjenn said: Great Hunt

    Fun as always. Great authors and prizes.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Bertie said: Great Scavenger Hunt as always

    Found so many new authors, thank you so much. Now to win LOL


  • On Jun 13, 2015, camaro said: Can't wait to increase my TBR List

    I loved all the blurbs I have read doing this scavenger hunt. Will be adding tons to my wishlist.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, suzyrph said: New Books

    Men Under Fire love men and their K-9 partners, they are the best and my FAVORITE!!!

  • On Jun 13, 2015, john thuku said: Fabulous Authors

    After having gone through all those authors, all I can say that I have across so many interesting and amazing books to read which I have added to my Amazon wishlist. Thank you so much for this scavenger hunt.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, marybelle said: Fabulous!!

    An amazing way to discover great authors & books thank you.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, orchdlady said: New books and new authors

    I found some interesting authors that were new to me and other books from Dani Harper, Jessica Cale, and Tamara Hughes to name a few.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, robolaryea said: New authors

    I cant wait to meet all the new authors I haven't read anything from yet.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, SerenaS said: Nice reads...

    Follow Your Heart by Ruth Kaufman, The Balance Bringer Chronicles by Debra Kristi, A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans and Virtue's Lady by Jessica Cale.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, DebA said: Which one to read first?

    I found it hard to choose which book to read first. Most of the authors are new to me. Some books that I found interesting are Scorpio Awakens, Kentucky Blue Bloods, Storm Warned. The other books were also interesting and fortunately there is always time to read more books.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, MicheleH said: Great Books

    Many good books here. I look forward to reading A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Dina said: all authors

    since all of these authors are new to me, I would love to read something from each of them

  • On Jun 13, 2015, KGOLDMAN said: Fun!Fun!Fun

    Thanks for these hunts they are so much fun and i find so many new books to read

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Carol L said: Scavenger Hunt

    There's Dani Harper's Storm Warned - love the series. Also Bronwyn Evans and J Richards are going on my TRL. Truthfully it's a list I'd like to put on my reading list. All of therm. :) Thanks for another exciting event.

    Carol L

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Carol L said: great reads

    The great thing about this event besides the prizes are the number of books and Authors we're introduced to through this hunt. It's alo the first time I want to put every book on my TRL. Awesome reading ahead with this list.

    Carol L

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Jessica Schank Snow said: Wonderful Books

    To be honest with you. I would love to read all of these books. They sound so well written and the authors seem so nice.

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, Lissasue said: So many good books!

    Play Me and Follow Your Heart sound really good! I think I'll have to grab those two to start with.

  • On Jun 13, 2015, MandaBC said: Love this contest!

    This was a lot of fun and I was able to find some new reads!! Great idea for a contest!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, chrisinwi said: scavenger hunt

    love reading about so many books and authors. i have found alot of new authors this way. keep up the good work, everybody!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, CBarton said: Scavenger Hunt

    I have added so many new books to my wish lists and tbr piles. Love these!

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Stanalei Fletcher said: Fun time!

    I've never played here before and it's going to hard to choose from all the great author's listed. Thanks for a peek at so many!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, LisaJoli said: June Hunt

    A Dangerous Bargain by JS Scott and For All to See by Megan Mitcham caught my attention this hunt.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, lindsayt said: Loved this Idea

    This was a great idea and I had fun. I also came across several authors I've never heard of and some books have been added to my TBR!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, marcymeyer said: Great List

    Her Healing Cowboy looks great, as well as A Dangerous Bargain. A Touch of Passion and Hers to Own also look great. Great list!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Wiccachic said: Books I'd like to read

    Really looking forward to these from the list presented: The Balance Bringer Chronicles #1, The Modern Magics series, The Sanyare Universe series, and Titanium.

    Thanks for the June Scavenger Hunt ya'll. ^_^

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Rush said: But where are all the

    M/M books for June? Not one? :( So, so sad.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, lizeasternD said: Books I want to read

    They all look great but the #1 read for me looks to be Men Under Fire by Jacki Delecki

  • On Jun 12, 2015, KatyHalsema said: Great Authors

    These books all look like enticing reads. I will definitely be getting some of them in the future!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Djoyce said: Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you, I found a few new authors!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, kaylizmc said: Awesome giveaway

    Can't wait to read some of these great titles. Thanks for the chance.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, pixiestyx said: So many good books!

    I wrote down the ones I'd like to read most! Thank you for the opportunity to discover new authors!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Cathyann said: Scavenger Hunt

    I have found several books I want to read.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, kime said: Awesome Contest!!

    Thank you for having this Scavenger Hunt! I love a challenge!!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, LeaG said: Great Contest

    Thanks to all the authors who agree to participate in this. Many good reads again Looks like there will be a lot of winners again. I also like I can use my smart phone to come into the chat since I have no computer at home still

  • On Jun 12, 2015, wcdixon said: Contest

    thanks for the contest! Looking forward to reading A J Locke's books!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, bevieann said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love scavenger hunt it helps me find new books and authors!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, lizzieabeth said: savage hunt

    Awesome way discover new authors on here doing the savage hunt is a good way find new authors on here. I like doing the savage hunt. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, fyrestorme said: Wanda M

    Yippee another Scavanger Hunt, I love these and I hope I win, LOL, good luck to all!!!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Joan V said: So Much Fun!

    I love the scavenger hunt. I get to meet new authors and find new books and a chance to win an Amazon gift card. I consider that a win-win situation.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, TammyD said: Contest

    Wow, so many great books! Thank you for a chance to win the Scavenger Hunt Contest.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Cheryl said: new

    Some new (to me) titles!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, jbean said: Scavenger Hunt

    I love playing along with your scavenger hunts. I always come away with new books from playing these games. Thank you!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, poohfanatik said: june 2015 scavenger hunt

    So Awesome!!!! Have a few of them on my TBR list already

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Jerilynn said: Contest

    These books all sound great. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, debbiejo said: More great books

    I have read a couple of these books and I wrote down quite a few more to read later. This is a great bunch of authors.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Becky said: June 2015 Scavenger Hunt!

    I would love to read any of these books! They all sound good, but my favorite are the paranormal and historical romances. :)

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Smallfry said: Scavenger Hunt

    All of these books look good looking forward to reading Men Under Fire.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Relklaf said: Contest

    I want to read any of the romance books. I'm not into historical, BDSM, paranormal, etc.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Donna A said: A terrific selection

    Love finding all these new books. Must get Cathyrn Cade's Show Me The Honey

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Aly P said: Scavenge Hunt

    There are so many great blurbs, I don't know where to start.

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Donna Carder said: Scavenger Hunt

    Great Competition, thanks for the opportunity ;-) I have marked quite a few of these for reading and funny enough I have just finished reading one of them and I am onto the second in the series!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, lovetoread said: June 2015 Scavenger Hunt

    All these books look intriguing!

  • On Jun 12, 2015, Lashea said: June 2015 Scavenger Hunt

    Can't wait to read Finding Mr. Right Now by Meg Benjamin.