• On Oct 14, 2013, Tamazon said: Winner

    The NOR Goodie Package Winner is: brandyzbooks

    Thanks to all the readers who commented and shared their love of Winged covers.

  • On Oct 08, 2013, Mysticfaeri said: Nalini Singh still the tops

    I just can't pass this cover without stopping to say WOW

  • On Oct 07, 2013, Emireally said: Cover Wars

    I voted for Angelstone because of the awesome opposing red/blue color scheme. It's eye-grabbing!

  • On Oct 07, 2013, ArlenaDean said: Her Guardian Angel

    I voted for Her Guardian Angel by Felicity Heaton. He looks like a guardian angel on that cover.

  • On Oct 05, 2013, CrystalDark said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    I voted for Archangel's Legion by, Nalini Singh but I thought all the covers looked great!

  • On Oct 04, 2013, mlynn said: Cover Wars

    I voted for Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh because the colors all seem to work really well together without being overwhelming, and because the character's wings look like they could actually support her weight if she were to try to fly. (Tiny wings are a personal pet peeve of mine.)

  • On Oct 04, 2013, MelissaJ said: Angelstone

    I like the Angelstone cover for the artwork. I like the darkness of the angel's hand and the red dress in contrast to the light above her and on her face.

  • On Oct 04, 2013, myantie said: Voted for Nalini Singh's Archanel's Legion

    I really like the colors. Her silver hair. the black wings. And hot body

    Twitted, facebooked

  • On Oct 04, 2013, jackier said: Her Guardian Angel

    First, who can resist a sexy guardian angel? Second...those abs...that hair!

  • On Oct 03, 2013, Lumanesce said: Cover Wars

    I picked Archangel's Legion... I think they are the most realistic looking. The others look too photoshopped for me.

    Liked and Tweeted

  • On Oct 03, 2013, EvaM said: Cover Wars Contest

    Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh: eye-catching art and color themes

  • On Oct 03, 2013, shygirl said: Cover Wars

    I voted for Archangel's Legion because of the colors and that it has the book's heroine on the cover. Although, I don't mind the looks of Her Guardian Angel at alllllllll ;)

  • On Oct 02, 2013, brandyzbooks said: Archangels Legion

    I love cover art, that is usually how I am drawn to books and pic them sometimes. If the arts not good I don't usually pic up a book and probably miss alot of good books but that is just how I work, lol I tweeted and shared on FB

  • On Oct 02, 2013, Connie Terpstra Dowell said: "Her Guardian Angel" by Felicity Heaton

    I am initially drawn in by the cover art but the story has special meaning also! After reading the brief synopsis I was intrigued and read more in the reviews. This was a book meant for me~! Romance and the paranormal. I'm there!!!! Now on a mission to own all Felicity has written. So the cover art became more personal. Marcus could be my Guardian Angel anytime, anywhere! UH HUH~!!!!!! And yeah, I love SEXY romance. Thanks, Connie

  • On Oct 02, 2013, demonsangel said: cover contest: wings

    I vote for Nalini Singh's cover of Archangel's Legion. The cover is stunning, the angel is standing , showing her front part of her body.

    It's a beautiful female, dressed in black, with a sword. For an angel, she really does look like one beautiful, bad ass chick or heroin.

  • On Oct 01, 2013, mybradybunch said: Her Guardian Angel

    I chose this cover because the Angel looks torn over the protection of his charge or his love for her.

  • On Oct 01, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    drawn to bright colors

  • On Oct 01, 2013, bncandg said: re:

    voted for Archangel's Legion for the colors

  • On Oct 01, 2013, SandyH said: Wings of desire

    This one drew my eye right away. I think it's the 'golden' color -- and the guys not bad either :>)

  • On Sep 30, 2013, hshelley said: Wings Contest

    Archangle's Legion has a kick ass Heroine on the cover. I love this type of story

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Pamk said: Archange's Legion

    Love this cover and it proves wings don't have to be white lol

  • On Sep 30, 2013, JeanMP said: Archangel's Legion

    I voted for this cover, because it caught my eye, it drew me to it, curious to read the story

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Ashley E said: Angelstone

    There's something very haunting about this cover, and I love the contrast of colors

  • On Sep 30, 2013, avonsherry said: voted for Archangel's Legionby- Nalini Singh

    because it has the most visual wings with the color combo and correct sized wings to her body.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, slinkydennis said: Her Guardian Angel

    It's a beautiful cover with a beautiful man.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Sylvie said: Wings of Desire

    I voted for this one because of the four, it was the one that drew my attention the most. I like the upward sweep of the wings, and the guy is pretty great too!

  • On Sep 30, 2013, SteelerGirl said: My Guardian Angel

    This cover caught my eye first when I looked at all four.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Ipro said: Her Guardian Angel

    In all honestly there was just something about this cover that made me pause and take a second look. That cinched it for me.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Glenda said: Archangel

    While the hot guy on the cover of Guardian caught my eye first I prefer the Archangel cover for its overall composition. The dark angel in the foreground ( with her proportional wings) contrasts perfectly with the night lights of the city in the background.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, pansypetal said: Her Guardian Angel

    A cover has to grab my attention to get me to stop and look at it. Otherwise, I am all about author and title. This one got my attention even thou there were other authors and titles that I would probably also choose.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Evampire said: Beautiful Wings

    First you can see the wings better on this cover, also she looks like a tough girl with angel wings a very intriguing contradiction. Which in turn makes me want to read the book, that doesn't mean that I don't like the others or don't read the other books, because I do and I will. But I had to make a decision.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Loisy said: Her Guardian Angel

    He is very sexy but all angels are male and may take the form needed. I am glad to see this as near truth as humans can understand

  • On Sep 30, 2013, Suzanne said: More pleasing to the eye

    Overall nice placement of text and nice color. I like guys with good bodies, but I'm kind of tired of all the covers with the too perfect 6 to 8 pack bare chested male models.

  • On Sep 30, 2013, LuvnPhrost said: Her Guardian Angel!

    I would love to have a guardian angel that looked like him!

  • On Sep 30, 2013, atiffyfit said: Wing Cover Contest

    Tweeted ( and FB-liked as well. My vote is for Nalini Singh's...purple is my favorite color and I love how that one looks with Angelstone being runner up! :)

  • On Sep 30, 2013, MinDaf said: Nalini Singh

    I like the cover, it's catch & I'm a sucker for purple :) LOL

  • On Sep 29, 2013, BellaChica said: Angelstone

    I thought the cover was so surreal; it had a dreamlike quality about it

  • On Sep 29, 2013, nikkitrueblue said: Wing Cover Contest

    I loved all the covers but I can't help but pick Nalini Singh's Archangel's Legion. The colors and artistry sell it for me plus I'm a huge fan.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Barb said: Cover

    I liked Her Guardian Angel because it best described the title of the book.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, MarcyWho said: WAR WINGS

    i voted for Angel's Legion because it seemed to best represent the story. Looks more about the war versus sex.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Bemiown said: What Cover?

    I went with Archangel's Legion. The purple just popped out and the wings were rather eye catching. I tweeted, liked and pinned.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Glittergirl said: Pretty Wings

    I'm going with Bianca Swan's cover because the wings are awesome and so is the guy...but I like the drama and colors of Felicity Heaton's cover.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, ecocat said: Cover Wars

    I'm torn between Angel's Legion and Angelstone. I think I'm going with Angelstone with its multiple colors.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, mommy said: Cover Wars

    It was a tough choice. I voted for Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh though.

    I also tweeted the link.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Catslady said: contest

    It was hard between the last two but I picked the hunk of a man lol.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, ThePhantomParagrapher said: What I Voted For

    This was hard as it came down to two choices for me Angelstone or Nalini Singh's next Archangel book. I ended up voting for Angelstone as the mixed colour palette that was used made it more bright and standy outtie.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, thejo said: cover wars

    My vote went to Nalini Singh's Archangel's Legion due to the eye popping purple cover. This cover gives you the feeling of a strong and brave heroine. The wings are proudly displayed. Definitely eye-catching!

    I liked and I tweeted the link (#readmorromance).


  • On Sep 29, 2013, sue Leech said: love gold wings

    I love the golden wings as always favored gold. sue Leech

  • On Sep 29, 2013, menehune said: ANGEL WINGS

    I like Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh because they look angelic

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Tina B said: What I love most

    I loved the wings for Archangel's Legion. I also liked the coloring and the letter style.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, keizerfire said: Last note

    And I copied this to FB!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, keizerfire said: Cover wars

    I voted for Archangel's Legion because I love the shades of purple, and also the cover gives me a sense of beauty, strength, and otherworldliness!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, janiecers said: Wings

    Liked, Tweeted, Pinned

    I voted for Nalini Singh.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, lrhubble said: Cover Wars

    I ended up going with Archangel's Legion though it was a tough choice between this one and Her Guardian Angel.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, LSUReader said: Guild Hunters

    I really like the covers for Nalini's Guild Hunters novels. Archangel's Legion gets my vote.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Roxannp said: Cover Wars- Wings

    It was a difficult choice between "Her Guardian Angel" and "Angelstone" Decided on Angelstone since I barely noticed the wings on HGA too much time drooling over those abs!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Ingeborg said: Cover Wars

    I voted for Her Guardian Angel, I like the way he looks. He can be my Guardian Angel any time.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, greenshamrock said: fav cover

    Archangel's Legion has my vote! Love the look.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, pcsacco said: Cover Wars

    Felicity Heaton's "Her Guardian Angel" wins my vote. He looks like an Angel with beautiful defined wings who will protect his charge.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Robbibird said: Cover Contest Pick

    I voted for Nalini Singh's Archangel Legion because she is one of my favorite authors, black is my favorite color and against a purple background the cover just pops out at me.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, rmor said: Cover wars

    I thought Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh cover is stunning

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Scarlet Pumpernickel said: Striking image

    I voted for Bianca Swan's cover because the nearly monochromatic color scheme is striking.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, shalyramirez said: Cover Wings - Angelstone

    I voted for Angelstone, I love the shape of the wings, together with the inkwork and the popping red dress..its a very lovely cover..very detailed and sexy! I also tweeted: @shaly_ramirez and pinned:

  • On Sep 29, 2013, clynsg said: Vote

    I voted for On Wings of Desire, because I liked the upward look of the wings.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, jsmille said: Archangel's Legion

    Archangel's Legion won my vote as that is one fierce kickass angel on the cover!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Monica said: Archangel's Legion

    Nalini Singh's cover wins my vote!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, AquarianDancer said: Elena

    I love Elena's wings on the cover! I'm excited to see what is inside that cover. ;-)


  • On Sep 29, 2013, GregCarrico said: Tough call

    These are all great covers, but Her Guardian Angel wins for because it has perfect fonts and I can easily make out the title and author in a thumbnail.

    Angelstone and Archangel's Legion have stunning cover art, so it was a really tough call.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, LisaJoli said: Archangel's Legion

    The strong looking woman and the look of the wings on Archangel's Legion made it my choice.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Leni said: Cover Vote

    I voted for Angelstone. There was something about the color scale that caught my attention.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, katsrus said: cover wars

    Really like Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, fangswandsfairy said: ARCHANGEL'S LEGION

    Archangel's Legion hands down!

    I have GOT TO read this ARC! That cover is classically beautiful, professional, and that is one BADASS ANGEL!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, trishababe said: Her Guardian Angel

    The cover that attracted me was "Her Guardian Angel" by Felicity Heaton.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Sable said: Cover Wars

    Voted for Archangel's Legion. Loved the setup and background on the cover.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, SWurman said: anglestone

    in short the cover is compelling!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, sharons said: Archangels Legion

    it is just beautiful and powerful. The color palette they chose works well.

    pined, tweeted, FB

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Lizsemkiu said: Archangel's Legion

    I love the female angel and the colors. It just draws your eye to the book. Felicity Heaton's cover is great as well.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, djsa said: Angelstone

    Different and interesting

  • On Sep 29, 2013, kcherubtx said: Her Guardian Angel

    Not sure what it is, but just like this cover the best. And I wouldn't mind my guardian angel looking like this!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, msdebms said: cover color

    I liked Nalini Singh's cover the best. The wings show were beautiful and the color really made the cover pop!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, RJsMommy said: Angelstone gets my vote...

    Normally I'd for the cover with the hot guy on it...but neither of these guys are good looking to me. Their bodies are ripped but facially...meh. So Angelstone has a great blend and contrast of colors that standout.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Sweettoothtoo said: Her Guardian Angel

    I voted for this over because he is the sexiest angel I ha e ever seen.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, mamaconnie said: Her Guardian Angel

    This cover was my favorite by far. I 'liked' on Facebook.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Lori Meehan said: Great covers

    I voted for Her Guardian Angel by Felicity Heaton.

    Tweeted and FB.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Donna A said: Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh

    I had to vote Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh. I love this series. Wings of Desire and Her Guardian Angel are both smoking hot but still... liked

  • On Sep 29, 2013, moonie said: Nalini Singh's!

    No doubt about it! I'm a longtime reader of the series and when I saw this poll my eyes went straight to Elena!

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Mysticfaeri said: Nalini Singh cover is awesome

    Archangel's Legion's cover is badass and the girl on the cover just blows me away. She is the epitome of what I would think an angel should be

  • On Sep 29, 2013, bibbiesparks said: Cover

    I like the cover because you don't see to many with a Female Angel on it.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Mellow said: Felicity Heaton

    I voted Felicity Heaton because I feel that cover is BOLD and the epitome of Sex Personified.

    I liked

    I tweeted

  • On Sep 29, 2013, donnasquaw said: Cover Vote

    I voted for Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh! I love the cover! I love wings on her and how she's standing. Also I love the color of the cover.

    I liked on facebook

    I tweeted

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Calila said: Cover Vote

    I really liked the purple of Nalini Singh's cover. Very atmospheric.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Gabrielle said: Cover Vote.

    I love the boldness and the colors on Her Guardian Angel. Liked,commented and tweeted.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, belgre said: Wing Cover Contest

    I love the alpha male look of Felicity Heathon wing book cover. It drew me because it felt and looks realistic. Hotness personified!

    I tweeted, liked & commented.


  • On Sep 29, 2013, Beth C said: Cover War

    Archangel's Legion just seems to have the most realist looking wings on a person.

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Orangepeacock said: Cover wars

    I loved that Archangel's Legion features a woman on the cover being badass! I also really love that she is holding a bow!

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  • On Sep 29, 2013, Yadkny said: Cover Vote

    I love the colors on Nalini's cover so it was a no brainer for me :)

    *Tweeted (yadkny)

  • On Sep 29, 2013, Tamazon said: My Wing Vote

    I love the angel wings on Nalini Singh's cover for Archangel's Legion. Black and purple are not normally associated with angel wings, but that cover pulls it off. Plus purple is one of my favorite colors.