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Author: Mary Patterson Thornburg

Mary Patterson Thornburg lives in Montana. She believes in intrigue, adventure, desire, fulfillment, love, hope, and a dash of mystery. Possibilities. Reaching and touching. And perhaps a cat.


The Kura

The Kura
  • Number: B00T5BXU8O
  • Release: 2015-04-17
  • Author: Mary Patterson Thornburg
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Uncial Press
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For six years, Alyssha Dodson's real life has been lived in secret, in daydreams about a boy she met one summer, in the alternate world she visited by accident when she was twelve.

At first, when she came back to Indiana, where she'd lived with her widowed white father since she was a baby, Alyssha knew better than to tell anyone but her father about that adventure. She talked about it, though – to him, and to the one other person they've told – all the time. Now she never does. And now she stays away from boys, pretty much from social situations of any kind. Because as she's grown up, so have her fantasies. She's a warm-blooded young woman, and she wants to avoid temptation. She's keeping herself pure for Kardl, and even though she's promised her father she won't return to that other world at least until she's eighteen, she's somehow sure she'll go back then.

Now, on the night before her eighteenth birthday, she finds a man lying in a road, fatally injured by a hit-and-run driver. The message brought by that dying man means she'll have to go back – soon. There's trouble in Kardl's world, and the trouble worries her.

But whatever trouble she finds there, she'll find Kardl, and he'll have grown up too. He'll be waiting for her, as she's waited for him…

Won't he?

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