Author: Hannah Reed

Hannah Reed is the pen name of author Deb Baker.

As Deb (her real name) she has authored The Gertie Johnson Backwoods Adventures and The Dolls To Die For Series. In her youth, Deb dreamed of working as a private investigator or as an undercover cop. So when Deb began writing a new series, the Queen Bee mysteries, she did something she always wanted to do -- she went undercover with an alias! Hannah was one of her all-time favorite names. Reed was her great-grandmother’s maiden name. So she put the two together.

As it turns out, the author Hannah Reed is much younger than Deb Baker. She’s also more daring, more willing to step right into the midst of any sticky situation, and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. As Deb says, “Look out! When Hannah’s around, big trouble is sure to follow.”

Deb considers herself a late bloomer; she graduated from college at the ripe age of forty-five with a degree in English. As she says, she became involved in creative writing in her last year at school and discovered that she loved to kill people (but only in fiction!)